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Calling Oliveoil, come in please!

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badjelly Tue 05-Aug-03 10:36:45


Is it this week you change to 3 days?

If so hows it going?

oliveoil Thu 14-Aug-03 11:33:10

Ooooooooh, so chuffed that you remembered! . I worked f/t for July to cover hols then had a week off and came back to my 3 day week this week. LOVED LOVED LOVED being off with dd for a week, she is nearly crawling and loads of fun.

Can't really say how my reduced hours are going to affect me but I am in a very sunny mood at the moment so something must be right.

How are you doing? Did you reduce your hours?

badjelly Mon 18-Aug-03 12:14:27

you've got to be joking! just had a week off for my birthday which was lovely but have come back to complete mayhem - hence I have to do an extra day this week Never mind at least I can get it back sometime which is more than alot of people who work here can do.

Glad it's going well for you!

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