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Somebody give me a job!!!

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Lennie Mon 28-Jul-03 16:41:36

More of a frustration rant as I am getting desperate!
I left my last job two years ago and with DS now 1 I am desperate to get back to work. He is currently at nursery two days each week and I've been using this time to search for work. The clock's ticking, though, as he goes full time from 1st September and I can't afford not to work.

It's just so frustrating! I never envisiaged that it would take so long...

easy Mon 28-Jul-03 16:44:50


Help yourself a bit here.....
Where do you live ?
What sort of work are you looking for?
What did you do befor DS ?

Lennie Mon 28-Jul-03 17:46:02

I know.... I was very frustrated earlier today so was more having a rant!

I live between Cardiff and Bristol (on the Welsh side of the Severn). I am looking for a senior customer service and/or administration position that pays at least 17K. I did start looking around 30K (20% less than last salary) but have to keep broadening my search
I've been out of the workforce for almost two years (though I've kept my skills & knowledge useful), so I'm expecting to have to take a step or two backwards to get back in. I would prefer less responsibility and travel than before, anyway.

If anyone can give me any suggestions as to how to find jobs to apply for I would be very grateful. I have tried:
High Street agencies - registered with them but they don't have the money
Regional newspapers - have found about 5 jobs to apply for this way (and got some interviews). Had good feedback but beaten by better candidates.

Executive agencies - struggling to find any of these in Bristol. The ones the other agenices have suggested have been really senior ones and I'm not suitable for.

All the usual job websites

Have contacted a few careers agencies today but they offer more in the way of coaching.

Can anyone help me with either:
* agencies in Cardiff or Bristol that place positions siomilar to what I am looking for?
* a good career agency (where you have to pay for their service) that might be able to place me.

Thanks (and sorry for the moan)

marialuisa Mon 28-Jul-03 17:54:41

Have you tried focusing on Cardiff? I've recently relocated from Cardiff to Merseyside and i really noticed how few jobs there are, the Assembly and assorted quangos always seemed to have loads of vacancies. Have you tried the universities and colleges? The pay won't be amazing but they're very flexible and the holidays are massive compared to "the real world". I've ended up taking a lower paid H.E. job up here just for the flexibilty etc..

runragged Mon 28-Jul-03 21:43:47

Lennie, I was in finance in London and have now been out of work for 3.5 years because of kids. I wouldn't be able to go back to work in London, the same level doesn't pay the same here and I probably would have to drop a level or two like you.

This week I signed up to train to be a driving Instuctor, getting career developement loan to pay for it and really looking forward to it, also will be self employed so will be able to work around commitments.

I don't know if it's something you would be interested in but it ticks all the boxes for me and I didn't realise how easy (not the testing etc) it was to get into.

Lennie Tue 29-Jul-03 13:08:40

Thanks for your replies. MariaLuisa, I've looked at the assembly and local authorities in the area, but haven't really thought about HE. All the posts I've seen require a degree (which I don't have).

Do you know of any good agencies, or do they recruit direct?

Good luck with your course, RunRagged. I've got longer term plans regarding working for myself, but at the moment really need the security of a reliable income so that we can get a mortgage

marialuisa Tue 29-Jul-03 13:16:02

HE posts will usually be advertised in a local paper but the best thing is to check the universities' websites, the vacancies will be split into academic/admin/other. The smaller unis such as UWE, UWIC and UCWN also have their own sites where vacancies are advertised.

IME very few of the admin type jobs require degree level qualifications.

niccib Wed 13-Aug-03 14:56:19


Have you had any joy looking for a job yet? Not sure what you are looking for but I have been working from home for the last 18 months, I have a 2 year old. I sell childrens books and it is a great job and anyone can start immediately. The great thing is there are no targets, no pressure and no boss. With the run up to Christmas fast approaching, it is a brilliant way to earn lots of extra cash. If you would like some more information please e-mail me at

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