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What sort of childcare do I need now I am returning to work?

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goingbacktowork Fri 06-Aug-10 16:40:29

Hi. I have also posted this question in childcare as they are very knowledgeable too.

I have a few questions. Hopefully I am returning to work in a month working three days a week. I have 2 children (5 and 3).

I need to employ someone to take my daughter to school (15 miles from our house) for a 8.15 am start.

I then need someone to collect my daughter for 3.15 pm (again a drive) and then my son from nursery say at 4.30pm and feed and look after them ideally in our house until one of us is home probably at 6.45pm:

My questions are:

What type of person is it I am looking for – would this be deemed a nanny or a mothers help? As such am I correct in thinking that they they would not need childminding qualifications? Are there any other legal qualifications needed to look after children in my house?

How would I pay for this – would it be an hourly rate or just a wage (like most jobs)? What would be a ball park figure for this sort of thing in Hertfordshire - any ideas?

Would the person need specific insurance for doing the driving part? And would this make a difference if they used my car or theirs?

Any idea how I might find someone like this as I do not think this is the type of thing that an agency would deal with?

Thanks a lot

Wigeon Fri 06-Aug-10 18:44:35

Lots of childminders do the school run - Herts have a Family Information Service and you can speak to someone on a helpline about all your questions. They also have a database of childminders.

Family Information Service website

However, if you want someone to look after your children in your home, you are right that a person who looks after your children in your own home does not need childminding qualifications and is a called a nanny (although many nannies do have qualifications). I'm not sure if a childminder would be happy to collect your children and then look after them in your own house - might be possible.

I'm pretty certain you'd be paying an hourly rate. I found a thread here a while ago, with rates on it for childminders, including several in Herts, so you can probably track it down by using the advanced search.

Not sure about the insurance thingie.

I'd recommend giving the Herts Family Information Service a call.

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