Very confused about what to do now, would love some suggestions.

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AureliaRocks Mon 12-Jul-10 14:46:38

Right, I'll try to keep this brief.

DD is 6 months and, while I want to be with her until she's 18 months or so, I'm starting to think about what I'll want to do work-wise.

I was in a very corporate industry with very un-child-friendly hours, which I won't be returning to. I was a PA and office manager - great organisational skills, PC skills, very transferrable I hope.

I now want to do something a bit mummy-ish, I suppose, that will be flexible for childcare, has a friendly environment, possibly something to do with children but NOT childcare itself. I've considered starting a paint your own pottery shop, for example, but I'm not sure it would do very well in this area. I suppose I could get my brain in gear and do my sums and some proper market research.

I don't mind re-training (as I have no degree), but I am completely stuck for proper ideas.

Very grateful for any suggestions, as I'm going round and round in circles.

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510fudge Thu 15-Jul-10 15:36:20

have a look at the jobsite women like us (London centric) which has flexible jobs. Also worth looking on websites for companies and charities - for example Save the Children have a job alert that you can sign up to- obviously the money will not be great. I suspect pottery shops may not be profitable.

I read the other day about 'kinder cafes' in germany- really child friendly cafes and thought that I would love to do that but you need to find the right location and I expect it would be very time consuming....

AureliaRocks Thu 15-Jul-10 20:48:07

Thanks 510fudge, that's a great idea. Have had a chat to some NCT friends and they say something similar...

I think I need to have some more time with DD before I start thinking too seriously about it all. But great tips re the job boards, thank you.

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aoliver Sun 18-Jul-10 19:37:36

Message withdrawn

EmmaHewett Fri 30-Jul-10 11:01:58

When considering a career change it can be really helpful to have a sit back and consider what skills you have. You proberly have more skills that employers want then you would have first thought.

A good place to get started is a free transferable skills assessment, like this one: .

Good luck

ButterpieBride Mon 02-Aug-10 14:57:34

Have you thought about selling children's books? I do Usborne, which I am finding absolutely brilliant. My website is

If books aren't your thing, how about another direct sales company? They aren't all home parties- I mainly sell at soft play areas and playgroups where I can take my own children.

OxonOlly Wed 31-Oct-18 11:18:48

Hi, have you thought about working in a school or nursery as a Teaching Assistant? I was looking for term-time work after my son was born, and came across some really good short distance learning courses which are free to study from MK College - check them out on 01908 684154 or

MUMSTUCK2018 Mon 19-Nov-18 08:54:23

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