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Term jobs - What are they and how do I get one!

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MummyJules Thu 18-Aug-05 23:07:28

DD is going back to Playgroup in a couple of weeks and I want to start to look for a job that I could fit around her 9 - 3 term time days.

Are they any Mumsnetters out there who could let me into their secret?!

katymac Thu 18-Aug-05 23:08:39

Try Civil Service or council jobs, maybe banks & BS (but they often want W/E)

Janh Thu 18-Aug-05 23:13:41

What time does your DH/P get home? Evening jobs are quite useful, as you can do them in holidays too...lots of supermarkets do eg 6-10 shifts (or later) and call centres have evenings too.

Most regular p/t day jobs only give you 6 weeks paid hols and often aren't too keen on you taking unpaid school hols.

lucy5 Thu 18-Aug-05 23:14:16

What about being a teaching assistant?

MummyJules Thu 18-Aug-05 23:17:03

I'm not keen on doing anything with children as I did this previously before DD. Am going to Uni next year to study music and was a professional singer before I had DD but it's hard to have a profession such as singing with a child. May look at working in Uni's or being a receptionist at a local school etc..

Janh Thu 18-Aug-05 23:20:03

Uni terms aren't the same as schools though. And school receptionist/secretary jobs are rare as hens' teeth.

You might get an unqualified NTA (pay is crap though )

lucy5 Thu 18-Aug-05 23:24:16

What about voice coaching or something musical that you could do from home and times to suit?

MummyJules Thu 18-Aug-05 23:26:02

That;s an idea but I am scared I might be underqualified and my brain has gone to mush since Ive had DD which is the main reason I am doing this degree next year.

lucy5 Thu 18-Aug-05 23:27:21

Teaching is 50% bs, they wont know youve got babybrain if you dont tell them.

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