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If your child is G&T how do you make sure they get challanging enough work at school?

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Marne Tue 03-Nov-09 19:21:22

Does your school provide work that suits your child?

Dd1 is 5 years old and in her 2nd year of school. She goes to a small school with mixed classes, this year she was put into class 2 which is 2 thirds year 3's and 1 third year 2's. She is working at the reading and maths level of a 7 year old (not sure if this really makes her G&T). The teacher said to me at parents evening that if she could she would but dd1 up a class with the year 3's next september but she can't do that (only the year 3's can go up, year 2's have to stay in class 2 for another year.

So if dd1 is 2 years ahead with maths and reading how will they keep her interested next year, will they give her harder work to suit her or will she repeat what she has done this year?

I know i should speak to her teacher about it.

How does your child's school make sure your child gets the correct work for their ability?

Marne Wed 04-Nov-09 09:51:40


peanutbutterkid Wed 04-Nov-09 21:52:18

I think you just keep talking to the teacher, and keep in mind that happiness at school is more important than always striving ahead (perhaps that's imvho).
Many on MN would opt for extracurric tuition of some kind (Kumon).
Or sending to private school, lol.

There is a real chance that your child will plateau in ability, and not need to be stretched so much next year (they progress in bursts).

DC are working 2 years or so ahead of age, but they aren't they only ones at that level or near it (big school), so there are lots of children to cater for; school can't just neglect them. I think it might be harder for a child to be stretched properly in a small school with rigid class placings.

madwomanintheattic Wed 04-Nov-09 21:57:35

the work should be differentiated appropriately regardless of how old/ what level your child is working.
in a primary school this is relatively easy as teachers always have access to up to yr 6 level curriculum and work, in an infant school it becomes more problematic.

as it looks like your dd is in a primary i wouldn't worry - just ask how they are differentiating so that she remains challenged. it's no biggie, and quite usual for this spread of ability within on year level, let alone in schools with mixed year group classes.

Marne Thu 05-Nov-09 13:49:13

peanut- she goes to a very small school, there are 9 year 3's in her class and 5 year 2's, she's the only one from the year 2's which has been put with the year 3's when given work (so she's doing year 3 work, the others are doing year 2), next year she will be repeating some of the work she has done this year (so the teacher tells me). I don't want her to feel different because she has different work next year but i don't want her to be held back.

Dd1 has Aspergers and does struggle with the social side of things but has a lot of friends. Private school would not be an option, we can't afford it and she loves being at her little school grin.

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