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Bright preschooler - numeracy help/suggestions wanted

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TheHappyCat Fri 02-Oct-09 21:47:16

Hi, was hoping someone had some suggestions how to help DD with numeracy skills. She is coming up for 3 1/2.
Her nursery/preschool has picked her out as G&T and her literacy is great - she can read fluently. But we are not really sure how to bring on her numeracy which is apparently also strong. Nursery are being super and told me they are asking round for ideas of how to keep her stimulated this year, and something we could do at home to stretch her numeracy-wise. But any suggestions welcomed. The head mentioned Kumon maths but when I searched mumsnet, people seemed pretty negative!
I would welcome any ideas. I try to do adding/subtracting with items around but I think she is a bit bored of it!
thanks in advance.

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