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Ideas for appropriate reading books for advanced reception girl

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whizzylala Mon 16-Feb-09 22:16:22

Hi All,
My DD is nearly 5 and her reading is pretty good, she is about Yr 2/ 3 according to her teacher.
The school reading books have been a bit of a waste of time as she just flies through them and was totally uninterested so I had a chat with teacher and she has decided to go "off scheme" to keep her interested. She is of an ability to read the Fairy Rainbow Magic series but some of the stories go a bit over her head and she gets lost. So just looking for ideas on what else might suit her (we have got Roald Dahl books).
Thanks in advance.
Hope this is an appropriate place to post!

Heated Mon 16-Feb-09 22:22:23

Ds is the same age & has just read some chapter books (with him reading some and then me doing the majority)

Mr Majeika
Magic Faraway Tree

What about shorter stories like Burglar Bill? The Tiger Who Came To Tea?

scrooged Mon 16-Feb-09 22:23:52

Dick King Smith wrote alot of good books. I remember ds reading these at her age. He's always been a good reader too.

Heated Mon 16-Feb-09 22:32:38

The worst witch
Flat stanley
The family from one-end street
The owl who was afraid of the dark
Clever polly and the stupid wolf
Gobbolino the witch's cat
My naughty little sister

tigermeow Mon 16-Feb-09 22:38:58

Magic Tree House books- my DD loves these.
Little Animal Ark
Horrid Henry (DD hates these but they are of a similar level to Rainbow Fairies)
Naughty Little Sister books
Early Jacqueline Wilson
Flat Stanley
Any Allan Ahlberg book (e.g The man who wore all his clothes)

whizzylala Tue 17-Feb-09 19:02:30

Thanks all.
Must get Flat Stanley, not one I know and will look around for some of the others too.
Much appreciated.

Karamazov Tue 17-Feb-09 20:20:38

My DD is 5 and in reception... Her current faves are...

Amelia Jane (Great because that is about a naughty doll, which appeals to her).

Worst witch series..

The Allan Ahlberg series of books, Mrs Wobble the waitress, Miss Bun the baker's daughter and so on... (Again, this appeals to her sense of humour).

DD is reading at year 2 level.

All those books I have bought since Christmas in box sets for about £5 - £7 the set from the book people.


LIZS Tue 17-Feb-09 20:26:09

Dick King Smith - Sophie Stories

lljkk Thu 19-Feb-09 14:49:47

Mermaid SOS... all those Unicorn Fairies Mermaid adventure series books in public libraries.

lljkk Thu 19-Feb-09 15:30:31

Magic kitten, too.

Sassybeast Mon 02-Mar-09 19:42:48

Usborne do a range of classics which might be appropriate.

anotherday Tue 24-Mar-09 11:32:20

Have you tried factual books too? My dd is not fussed by novels at all even though she can read them easily and does for school but left to herself she always picks factual books. She has a childrens encyclopedia in the back of the car for long journeys and loves reading it, maybe you could try your dd with something like that too and see if it interests her.

snorkle Tue 24-Mar-09 12:25:21

Second Dick King Smith - excellent. Books by Anne Fine are good too too. If you go for older classics they are generally safer content-wise (swallows & amazons, indian in the cupboard type stuff).
Enid Blyton wrote loads (not high quality literature, but keeps a voracious reader quiet for a while) - magic faraway tree stuff probably quite good at that age & famous five probably one of her better series (though not always very pc).

madwomanintheattic Tue 24-Mar-09 12:31:07

second the book people. saves you a fortune if you have speedy kids. local library too - you can change them every sat and it gives you a good idea of what she likes for when you do feel like forking out the dosh. be warned, you are approaching rainbow fairies territiory. <sigh>
we have flat stanley, amelia jane, horrid henry et al. but the darn rainbow fairies always get a look in. oh, and she likes magic kittens at the moment. <boak>

pooka Tue 24-Mar-09 12:32:36

Milly molly mandy. dd loves them.

lisad123 Sat 11-Apr-09 23:04:45

we are reading the famous 5

pollywobbledoodle Sat 11-Apr-09 23:10:12

dd likes
the darcey bussell ballerina books
dr seuss
famous five
worst witch
a book called theres no-one better than henrietta
usborne book of the body

clare21 Tue 14-Apr-09 21:59:15

We can't keep up with 5 yr old DTS's appetite for Magic Tree House books. Must admit the pride I feel for his reading rather paled as we spent the FULL 3 1/2 flight back from Canaries with him reading one of the books. They seem just the right mix of fact and excitement, real winners.

Merle Mon 29-Jun-09 07:15:33

Just seen this thread and had to post. My son is 6 and reads really well. He has adored the 'World According to Humphrey' books, by Betty G. Birney. They are about a hamster who lives in a school classroom. There are about 5 in the series. They have been a real hit and I can't praise them highly enough.

3welshcakes Mon 21-Sep-09 18:02:09

HI my son has just started reception and is 4 yrs old. on his activity table in the morning is a box of the same make books all with repetative words like. i like to play ball....i like to watch tv....i like to play outside...that type of thing. what stage should my son be on and what books would u recommend gettin him to encourage his reading as he is good at looking at the picture and guessing 9 times out of 10 he is right. any suggestions would be great.x

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