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Dealing with school (not really G & T q but you are best people to ask )

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Katiestar Tue 30-Dec-08 00:49:44

My DS is at a small village school of about 65 kids.The Y4s ,5s and 6s are all in teh same class.
Recently half the Yr 6s (5 of them) passed the 11+ and so are reasonably bright.The trouble is that the school do not cater for them at all.Last yr they were the yr 5s in a mixed Yr5/6 class and so covered all the yr 6 work and are now having to do stuff which is dumbed down to be accessible for the yr 4s.One example is when they do mental maths ,it is done out of the yr 5 book as it is then pitched at the middle of the class.The school has 4 fulltime teachers and 3 fulltime teaching assistants for 3 classes and so I am sure they could split the Yr 6s off a bit.many parents have complained but got nowhere I really don't know what to do for the best.Whether to just let him drift for the next 2 terms (he is becoming bored and disruptive)send him somewhere else ,or Home Ed
Any suggestions ?

kickassangel Tue 30-Dec-08 00:55:39

teachers should differentiate, ie adapt work so that it's suitable to the child. if they don't they're failing the needs of the child.

i'd send a letter to the head, asking to see evidence of this, or grass them up to OFSTED.

i'm a teacher btw, and somewhat shocked by this. there must be SOME group work each day where each year is given a different worksheet? you only need to go to smiths to buy materials, they'll have access to things way cheaper than that!! It only involves putting 3 different worksheets through the photocopier, not just the same one for all of them!!

scienceteacher Tue 30-Dec-08 06:49:44

I think this is a problem in many primary schools.

My DD was in Y6 last year, and I don't think she learned anything at all. She had already achieved her Sats targets by the start of Y5, so she was pretty much ignored in Y6 (she did loads of practice papers, ad nauseam).

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