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Does your child who is gifted and talented get free dinners?

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lijaco Fri 07-Nov-08 13:59:14

Just wondered if any children on here who have the gifted and talented label also are in reciept of free dinners? Just trying to work out if this label is actually a privileged children thing?

imnotmamagbutshelovesme Fri 07-Nov-08 14:00:04


CountessDracula Fri 07-Nov-08 14:00:12


coppertop Fri 07-Nov-08 14:05:10

I don't think that not being entitled to free school dinners means you are privileged.

pagwatch Fri 07-Nov-08 14:10:41

I had free dinners at school.
It was because I was so priviledged hmm
Oh yess indeedy.

This is right up there with the mum who asked if I was just being flash sending my son to school in a taxi. [Fricking twit emoticon].

<< Pag wanders off to wonder at what the logical process could have been.>>

lijaco Fri 07-Nov-08 14:13:39

No coppertop I don't either but the question was simply are there any children who are labelled gifted and talented on free dinners. They are usually disadvantaged as opposed to advantaged though in lots of ways.

lijaco Fri 07-Nov-08 14:18:20

pagwatch where you gifted and talented at school then?

It aint the same as asking about being flash going to school in a taxi?

Just trying to work out if any of the gifted and talented kids that are posted about on here recieve school dinners. I get the impression they are mostly very advantaged in lifestyle etc. They sound very class distinctive.

lijaco Fri 07-Nov-08 14:18:50

free school dinners i mean!

choccyp1g Fri 07-Nov-08 14:20:10


sparklylucy Fri 07-Nov-08 14:22:44

dont have a talented and gifted thingy at our school. I think they are a bad idea - a friends child is on the talented and gifted list at his school because he is quite good at jigsaws. Seriously. Makes you wonder where that is going to get him in life..... ( no he doesn't get school meals).

lijaco Fri 07-Nov-08 14:24:36

are you saying yes that they are labelled as gifted and talented on the school's top 10% register.

lijaco Fri 07-Nov-08 14:25:51

Hi sparklylucy your school is very lucky then. I also think it is a bad idea. It has become crazy!

shitehawk Fri 07-Nov-08 14:28:02

You really think that only children whose parents can afford school dinners can be intelligent?

Disadvantage isn't synonymous with stupidity.

pagwatch Fri 07-Nov-08 14:28:48


there is no sense to your question.
Of course people do not get allocated free dinners because of being gifted and talented.
But you are a teacher. Don't you know that?
If you are genuinely unsure why children in your school get free dinners why don't you pop along to the bursar/school secretary's office and ask.

School dinneres are allocated to children who are considered impoverished.

Is that what you wanted to know?
Or is this a "make a point by stealth " thing?

Could you not have just resurrected your previous thread criticizing G&T. Wouldn't that be simpler?

Hassled Fri 07-Nov-08 14:33:30

I think what the OP is trying to ask is - how many G&T children also happen to be on the Free Schools Meal whatsit. i.e, are the majority of G&T children from comparatively well-off backgrounds or is there an equal split between G&T/well-Off and G&T/less well-off?

My children are both comparatively well off and decidedly average and/or SN, so I have no idea .

lijaco Fri 07-Nov-08 14:33:45

pagwatch what are you on about!!!!!!!!!!!

no you need to read this slower,

are there any children at your school who are already labelled gifted and talented who also get free dinners. In my experience the answer is no. Just wondered if this may be different some where else.

Alot of you on here cannot keep to the point without twisting words or making personal comments.

Don't take it so personal, just wondered how many posters on here have children who are gifted and talented and have free meals.

The answer NONE

Maybe you shouldn't read these threads

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 07-Nov-08 14:35:05

I do get where you're coming from lijaco.

The free school meals thing is a standard 'measure of deprivation'. It's even used to set attendance targets in schools as it's statistically proven that the attendance of children is worse in deprived areas.

Attendance is linked to attainment. But attainment (in the DFES's terms) isn't necessarily a measure of being gifted and talented. My dd's school uses the term 'More Able & Talented' which I think fits better than 'Gifted'. There are very few truly gifted children.

pagwatch Fri 07-Nov-08 14:35:40


I never read slowly. Life is too short.

And i also read what I choose too.

UpJacobscreek Fri 07-Nov-08 14:36:30

My ds is G&T we do not qualify for FSD anymore but for about 6 months this year we did and we are on a low income now though hmm.

pagwatch Fri 07-Nov-08 14:36:33

One of my friends has a DD on the G&T register at her school. She has free meals.

lijaco Fri 07-Nov-08 14:39:31

I am genuinely interested

fembear Fri 07-Nov-08 14:40:01

I heart pagwatch.

FWIW lijaco yes I do know people who are G&T and poor.

Of course there are poor G&T, it's not just a label for pivileged children - what a ridiculous question. Are you sure that you are a teacher?hmmhmm

mabanana Fri 07-Nov-08 14:42:01

I think it's a reasonable question. Does the G&T label really reflect potential in all children, or does it more reflect the advantages that middle class parents bestow on children.
I don't know. I am sure some research must have been done though.

fembear Fri 07-Nov-08 14:43:18

You are not 'genuinely interested'. You are just stirring again.

If you are that interested why don't you go and ask your school's admin dept (like Pagwatch said)
In fact I demand that you do so and report your findings back to us.

lijaco Fri 07-Nov-08 14:46:46

fembear I also know a lot of gifted and talented kids that are poor. I mean are they on the G & T register at school. I have a lot of gifted and talented kids in my opinion but are not on the register.

Can you stop bringing up my personal info, digs etc. What is wrong with you lot. Are the most privileged on the register though????

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