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omg. Ds1 amazed his maths teacher with some pythagorean triple thingy

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Piffle Mon 16-Jun-08 18:34:04

over my pretty little head obviously but they were doing pythagorean triples( whatever they are) and ds1 came up with some formula about primitive Pythagorean triples and a way of ensuring the hypoteneuse and adjacent side are consecutive.
the teacher could not disprove it and recommended ds1 write to Cambridge professor to ask them to review it.
holy shit!
he is 14 yr9 and I'm damn proud! If a little ignorant grin
one of the best letters home EVER
teacher genuinely excited!

HunnyMonster Mon 16-Jun-08 18:45:08


Scuff Mon 16-Jun-08 18:47:02

Clever lad! smile

Piffle Mon 16-Jun-08 18:50:18

desperately getting him to try and explain it. No luck...
Ineed dp to get back from Milan and see it, he has half a chance as he is a physics graduate....
me I'm only a mere linguist...
oh ds1 is so chuffed he really wants to go to Cambridge one day too.

FrannyandZooey Mon 16-Jun-08 18:51:48

holy shit indeed
I wish I understood it too
what an exciting thing (that no-one understands )

HunnyMonster Mon 16-Jun-08 18:52:28

my dds are singing songs from HSM substituting the word poo at the end of alternating lines.

You must be very proud.

I am not!

sagacious Mon 16-Jun-08 18:52:48

Well done young Piff

I still don't understand algebra...

coppertop Mon 16-Jun-08 18:54:52

Wow! Well done to your ds, Piffle.

Piffle Mon 16-Jun-08 18:55:26

ds1 is not above toilet humour and rude rhymes. He also cannot pee without leaving evidence, picks his nose so much you think his head would cave in and is so messy and disorganised. Quite frankly I despair.
genius is overrated imvho
and I say that without reservation, he is Hard Work indeed

Rosylily Mon 16-Jun-08 18:55:30

I was trying to understand all those mathematical words and my brain exploded all over the keyboard.
Well done to Piffle's very clever boy!

Piffle Mon 16-Jun-08 19:00:35

I was Bad Mother though
when he explained The Thing and puffed up all sky and proud. I pissed on his parade by saying
but you still cannot remember your PE shoes mate...
to me much more important and relevant grin
do new maths formulas pay well I wonder.
I fear the answer already..

Twiglett Mon 16-Jun-08 19:05:35

I love you Piffle

you come across as such a really great mum with a very gifted child .. and you're doing a fabulous job in keeping him grounded grin

sounds amazing .. I know pi to about 10 places .. does that help? <snigger>

Twiglett Mon 16-Jun-08 19:06:34

I believe that it can be extremely lucrative .. unless he moves to academia

although he'll probably be a brain-drainer which is sad

Hulababy Mon 16-Jun-08 19:07:25

I have no idea what he is going on about, lol. But is does osound very impressive. Well done to your DS.

Piffle Mon 16-Jun-08 19:36:42

oh grounded for sure. He is one sweet kind kid with a big ole brain. Who knows where it will get him though. The lad loves his art as much as anything. So his heart may lead him further than his head will.
I'm just glad he is happy, he has had some big issues but finally maybe just, he is slotting into a place and carving himself a wee solid niche.
tis all I ever wanted for him and all he has wanted, simply to belong.
sorry I'm waffling, hard to get over how much it matters.
But it does!
And thanks twiglett thats a really kind thing to say

snorkle Mon 16-Jun-08 22:06:49


Whizzz Mon 16-Jun-08 22:12:24

Wow - well done to your DS.

I had a similar moment when DS was in Year 1 & he pointed out a mis print in a maths question that said 3 - 4 = ? rather than 4 - 3 = ? He told the teacher that although the answer would be -1, he didn't think that the sum should be that way round as no one else could do it!

fembear Mon 16-Jun-08 22:51:06

"ds1 came up with some formula about primitive Pythagorean triples and a way of ensuring the hypoteneuse and adjacent side are consecutive."

consecutive what?

I hope the Cambridge profs are impressed but, even if not, being able to go one better than your teachers must be a great feeling.grin

Piffle Mon 16-Jun-08 22:54:02

Always floors me how ds1 is so bloody amazing at maths. His natural dad is dyslexic, superbly talented musician who cannot hardly tell the time or count...
and while I'm adept enough not to get shortchanged...
my skills lay mostly in mothering it would appear hmm
he defies genetic logic I think.
anyway to all those who worry about drinking in early pregnancy grin..... Ds1 is a product of a social whirl revolving around cocktails, pints of Guinness and unhealthy hair of the dog hangover cures.
See ( I was unaware of any pregnancy truly)
defies logic...

tigermeow Mon 16-Jun-08 23:00:12

Wow- congrats to your DS. That is a brilliant achievement.

snorkle Mon 16-Jun-08 23:15:12

"even if not, being able to go one better than your teachers must be a great feeling."

Agreed - but having a maths theorem you can put your name to would be the height of cool! Do keep us posted on developments on this piffle. We need to know what the Cambridge maths bods think (since it's over all our heads).

TheFallenMadonna Mon 16-Jun-08 23:19:54

Piffle - there was a thing in the paper the other day about maths nerds at Trinity and how they would all go on to earn dizzy amounts in the city.

Hurrah for your ds!

Piffle Mon 16-Jun-08 23:20:30

I'd settle for understanding the damned explanation of the thing grin
I feel like a heel being proud when it is so far over my head!!!
Teacher said even if formula is not new, the fact he thought of it independently is worth bringing to their attention as fewer kids are taking on maths degrees and they want to woo the clever maths kids in...
fark am tearfully excited for him, he has desired Cambridge for ages.

Piffle Mon 16-Jun-08 23:22:52

Shit maybe I should be nicer to him if he is going to be rich?
for years I presumed he would be a struggling artist...

AbstractMouse Tue 17-Jun-08 00:07:23

Bloody hell, you read about a maths prodigy being able to multiply 5 figures in their head etc, but rarely hear of kids who come up with new theories or formula etc. Well done your ds piffle, he could really go on to do great things, an original thinker is a rare thing.

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