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The 2-year-old geographer

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UnquietDad Thu 10-Jan-08 14:06:45

I'm sure lots of you have seen Lilly The Toddler Geography Expert. If not:

here she is


UnquietDad Thu 10-Jan-08 15:18:31

Anyone impressed? Suspect fakery??

brimfull Thu 10-Jan-08 15:24:47


but have lost interest after 2minutes.

do they actually make her do it for 8 minutes?

UnquietDad Thu 10-Jan-08 15:26:47

They do!
They almost run out of countries!!

brimfull Thu 10-Jan-08 15:29:20

quite amazing

I liked the authentic way she said mexico.

Can't see how they would fake it ,but prepared to be corrected.

Rantmum Thu 10-Jan-08 15:33:56

I could be wrong, but it is probably possible to teach most 2 year olds to do this if you repeat over and over and over in the same order as a game, day in day out for a few weeks.

Maybe she is a genius, though I would be interested to know if she has any concept of what the map actually is other than a bunch of colours and names...

snorkle Thu 10-Jan-08 15:44:20

She seemed to be enjoying herself - asked to do more several times. I know I was fascinated by countries as a youngster (almost certainly not that young though) & knew all the obscure ones and that was just from having a map on the bedroom wall and asking so she's not necessarily being coached. Other kids get hooked on dinosaurs or whatever.

I thought her speech and pronunciation of all the countries was very impressive. Actually knowing where they were is little cleverer than being able to do thos wooden shape puzzles lots of kids at that age do.

seeker Thu 10-Jan-08 21:20:23

My neice could do something very similar with car logos at the same age. We have a lovely video of her identifying all the makes of car in a strong Yorkshire accent.Peugeot sound particularly cute! She is a clever girl now at 17, but just clever, not in any way gifted. It's a circus trick, pure and simple. But still delightful!

coppertop Fri 11-Jan-08 10:24:43

I couldn't sit through more than two minutes but I noticed that she looked off-camera a lot before pointing to a lot of the places. It may have been for a prompt but I suppose it could also have been for reassurance.

ladygrinningsoul Fri 11-Jan-08 14:03:58

I bet she can read - I wonder if they were holding up signs with the name of the country where she was looking off camera?

oops Fri 11-Jan-08 14:15:58

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Fri 11-Jan-08 14:17:18

have you been bitten by a vampire oops?

Twiglett Fri 11-Jan-08 14:17:48

eez it ze children of ze night <swishes cape>

ahundredtimes Fri 11-Jan-08 14:24:24

I think children are really receptive at that age and if they just keep asking what's that? and you say Brazil and then they say what's that? and you say Russia then they just keep asking and they keep remembering.


DS1 was like that anyway.,

Then of course they don't remember it later on - like when they're ten doing Geography and it might actually be USEFUL to remember where blardy Russia is.

MrsKittylette Fri 11-Jan-08 14:27:29

PMSL at twigglet,

what is up oops?

My DS(18 months) is in love with that little girl, i ws watching it and he was laughing and blowing kisses at her! grin

oops Fri 11-Jan-08 14:36:58

Message withdrawn

UnquietDad Fri 11-Jan-08 15:59:58

Lizzen very carefully, oopz will zay zeez only wunce.

LennyW Thu 17-Jan-08 13:29:09

I don't reckon it's faked. Dd (2 next week) can do the same thing but not for as many countries. They just remember stuff if you repeat it. It's cute, but I'm not holding my breath for either kid to become a genius. Happy to be proved wrong, though!!

LennyW Thu 17-Jan-08 13:29:39

I don't reckon it's faked. Dd (2 next week) can do the same thing but not for as many countries. They just remember stuff if you repeat it. It's cute, but I'm not holding my breath for either kid to become a genius. Happy to be proved wrong, though!!

b1uesky Fri 18-Jan-08 14:14:53

I don't think it's fake, it’s really not that difficult to teach a 2 year old to read a large colour coded map. When her dad asked her to find Russia, the child would look for the largest green shape on the map, when she wants to find America she would look for the largest yellow shape on the map. To the child the map is like a large colour puzzle.

alfiesbabe Sat 19-Jan-08 11:55:07

agree b1uesky - i think most of us could teach our 2 year olds to do this kind of thing - if we could be arsed to stand in front of a map for an hour or so a day!! It's a rote learning thing isnt it? -she doesn't necessarily have an iota of understanding about what a country is!

rosturra Wed 19-Mar-08 22:49:25

My son just turned 3 can do this and I have to say it really freaked me out at first. He knows where countries are that i wouldn't have a clue to find. My husband loves maps and it was a game for my son when daddy came in from work. I was amazed at how quickly he remembered them. He is is like a sponge though and soaks up everything you say.

I think it is also because it is the novelty of learning something with Daddy who is new and exciting when he comes in from work!

But what is amazing is that he has now twigged the difference between Ireland and the UK as we travel back and forth and he can now make the distinction when we explain where he is going. Other than that it's just a game with him and dad.

deste Thu 11-Sep-08 21:54:26

My son recognised the letters of the alphabet at 16 months, he could also tell you all the class names and numbers of trains at two. His speech was also better at her age, he was also off nappies day and night at 16 months. He was bright but not a genius. In fact he failed all his exams at 17 but managed to pass them the following year.

neverforget Wed 17-Sep-08 13:13:39

Its not faked. Theres a video of her on TV

she looks there like she loves doing it so i guess thats all that matters really

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