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18 month old can count to 14 - normal?

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empen Wed 26-Sep-07 13:54:05

is it normal for an 18month old being able to count to 14 - the kid is not mine, rather someone we met in a pub who was showing off. DP was amazed and I could not remember how old mine had been.

Trinityrhino Wed 26-Sep-07 13:56:02

surely the said 18 month old is just reciting the numbers
thats not actual counting
maybe speech is quite good to be able to say that many things clearly at that age but both of mine could speak tns and would have recited numbers if I made them

Nip Wed 26-Sep-07 13:56:11

my 17 month can count to about 20... however every words is two, two, two, two, two, two! grin

sweetkitty Wed 26-Sep-07 13:57:30

DD2 could count to 10 at about 18 months it's just repeatiton I think she couldn't look at 5 apples and say thats 5 apples.

Piffle Wed 26-Sep-07 13:57:34

counting is just rote memory reciting numbers.
knowing/understanding the quantities is the very clever part

Beenleigh Wed 26-Sep-07 13:57:40

don't believe it, my 23 months old can do it, but a bit like nip, it's along the lines of one...three...four...five...fourteen...tenteen!

Blandmum Wed 26-Sep-07 13:58:54

At that age most children do not 'count' in a meaningful way, but simply 'chant' a sequence of words. For the vast majority of children who can 'count' up to 20 in they way, wouldn't be able to tell you how many knives there were on the dinner table, IYSWIM.

they know the word order, but they don't really know what they mean as yet.

Both of mine did this sort of thing at that sort of age. But they were not really 'counting' and more than dd was really reading when she memoried the words to 'Where's my bear' smile

janinlondon Wed 26-Sep-07 13:59:23

Not particularly odd I'd have said. Unless its more than recitation.

Hulababy Wed 26-Sep-07 14:01:57

If just reciting numbers then not that unusual. If actually counting objects then less common I would think.

DD could recite to 20 at 20 monhts. Ou lift was out of order so we counted the 144 steps in 10s and 20s as we wnet. She just copied - by the end of the 12 weeks she was reciting perfectly.

empen Wed 26-Sep-07 14:02:27


Have just had a flashback of my DD 'counting' when she was young (not that young) but she consistently missed out 16. It became quite the party trick and used to make us all giggle.

Egg Wed 26-Sep-07 14:07:20

Blardy hell... I was really chuffed the other day when my DS said "two" after I said one blush. He is 19 months.

Hulababy Wed 26-Sep-07 14:08:46

empen - just remembering now, DD missed out 15 for ages - infact until part way through reception, last year. When little she said fiveteen for a while, and then dropped it altogether.

Nemo2007 Wed 26-Sep-07 14:13:12

dont know if its normal but Dd1 can count to 10 and is 21mths...however she can actually count things too so if I put 3 sweets in front of her and say how many she counts them.She gets a lot of it from DS though and just repeats his phrases

sweetkitty Wed 26-Sep-07 14:14:16

DD2 (20 months) thinks everything is purple or blue, she just copies DD1 as well.

RosaLuxembourg Wed 26-Sep-07 21:12:39

All three of my children have missed out either fifteen or sixteen when counting to twenty. Interesting that it seems to be fairly common.
(They can all count properly now though).

seeker Wed 26-Sep-07 21:18:04

My dd was a very early talker and we realized that if you asked her any question involving numbers, she would always say "Nine". We makaged to amaze a lot of people with our amazing calculating 12 month old -"what's 81 the square root of 81, Grace?"

nell12 Wed 26-Sep-07 21:20:48

I bet that child has 14 stairs in his house!!!

DD could count to 13 at that age (mixing up 7 and 11) because we had 13 stairs and counted them up and down

When ds was that age he could count to 15 because the house we were in had 15 stairs!

Bink Wed 26-Sep-07 21:24:25

Counting to 14 - ds certainly used to do that b/w 18 & 20 months, because we were living in a house that had 14 steps in the staircase & it was one of his things to do. I don't think it indicates anything, really, apart from maybe circumstances & possibly preference for data over people - ds has some social issues - which is not necessarily A Good Thing.

So wrt pub person - I'd pretend to be impressed if you like them, & be completely blasé if you don't.

Bink Wed 26-Sep-07 21:25:04

Cross post with nell!!

ChasingSquirrels Wed 26-Sep-07 21:26:49

lol at 9 and Grace.
My 20mo can't count to anything - mostly constrained by the fact that he can't talk, the occasional mummy would be nice, never mind counting.
But I am sure that SOME 18mo would have a concept of counting, and they would be 'ahead' of their age group.
This is not to say that they will stay ahead of their age group (though they might).

empen Wed 26-Sep-07 21:27:50

I didn't even know the person in the pub so I acted completely unimpressed but DP could not contain himself and pub lady was very smug.

Bink Wed 26-Sep-07 21:32:12

I did once know someone (very clever) who was taken to the dr at 18 months.

Dr said to mother "Hello! How old is your baby?"

and the baby said "I'm eighteen months."

Now that's clever.

Drusilla Wed 26-Sep-07 21:32:40

My 2.5 yr old has decided that the number 5 is his Grandad. Everything he looks at, if he sees the number 5 he puts his finger on that number and says "Look, that's Grandad that is"! I'm at a loss...

RosaLuxembourg Wed 26-Sep-07 21:39:00

PMSL Bink - that is truly gifted and talented!

ellehcim Wed 26-Sep-07 21:39:14

DS1 could memory count to 13 at that age - again because we have thirteen stairs and counted every time we walked up or down them. He's only more recently (at about 24 months) started to count items properly and still gets it wrong more often than not.

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