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Advice needed and appreciated

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Niki18 Mon 04-Feb-19 22:13:11

I’ve been told for a while that my son is g/t and really want to support him as best as possible if he is. Have been trying to find if can get his IQ tested anywhere but at a dead end where to go with this or if there’s any professional support which can be given for him. He does attend nursery twice a week but they haven’t been able to point me in the direction of anyone, tia

Lara53 Wed 06-Feb-19 17:04:54

An Educational Psychologist will do an iq test

extrastrongmints Sat 09-Feb-19 08:29:17

iq tests are not accurate on pre-school children (under 5) and most reputable ed psychs wouldn't do them unless there was a specific problem like a developmental delay, which is not the case here.
When they're pre-school age it's easy to deal with a bright child - read with them, talk with them, count with them, follow their interests.
Look at your local primary schools, go to open evenings, ask about their G&T / "more able" provision. See if you can find somewhere that can provide well for him. If, when he starts school, you feel they're not making appropriate provision or are underestimating his capability and discussion with them does not resolve it, that's a better time to look for an assessment, i.e. when he's old enough for the test to be reliable (age 5-6 minimum) and there's a specific issue to resolve.

MySonsAMonster Sat 09-Feb-19 20:49:48

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CherylPitman Mon 25-Feb-19 21:22:20

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Justajot Mon 25-Feb-19 21:25:30

What do you expect to gain from an IQ test? Has someone recommended getting one? I don't mean that you shouldn't, but I don't see the point.

couchparsnip Mon 25-Feb-19 22:19:01

IQ is not a good measure of intelligence at that age. (Or arguably at any age). the best things you can do for bright kids is to read to them and with them, give them counting games to play with and puzzles to do. Professional support isnt needed just yet.

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