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Bursting with Pride...Can I share?

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KerryMum Wed 20-Jun-07 16:07:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harleyd Wed 20-Jun-07 16:09:45

well done kerrymum ds

Nip Wed 20-Jun-07 16:10:21

I bet your SUPER proud... well done KerrySon!

MarshaBrady Wed 20-Jun-07 16:10:55

thats fab! enjoy both of you!!

BarbieLovesKen Wed 20-Jun-07 16:27:34

cant blame you for bursting with pride! how lovely!!! well done to him!

sparklesandwine Wed 20-Jun-07 16:29:13

thats wonderful kerrymum well done to your DS you must be super proud of him

Budababe Wed 20-Jun-07 16:31:21

Wow KerryMum! Well done KerryDS!

(And they say Kerry men are stupid??!!!)

Desiderata Wed 20-Jun-07 16:31:38

Fantastic, KM

Tell your little lad that there's some virtual freak on MN called desi who is also extremely proud of him

AnnieAlcoholLeft Wed 20-Jun-07 16:34:11

Well done KerryMum's DS!
I don't know what the tests are called. In my day they were just 'tests'!
<<whispers>>whereabouts in Kerry are you?<<hopes it's somewhere I know>>

KerryMum Wed 20-Jun-07 16:35:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:37:45

Yay well done kerrymums DS1.

AnnieAlcoholLeft Wed 20-Jun-07 16:39:52

Budababe, Kerry men can be very stupid, believe me! They're fine when they're young boys though, the alcohol hasn't killed off their brain cells yet!

KerryMum Wed 20-Jun-07 16:42:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnnieAlcoholLeft Wed 20-Jun-07 16:42:53

There is them!

Budababe Wed 20-Jun-07 16:49:40

AnnieAlcoholLeft (great name by the way) - most men can be stupid really!

Kerry doesn't have a monopoly on it but I am from Dublin and we always told jokes about Kerry men (the same way Brits tell jokes about the Irish!!)

KerryMum Wed 20-Jun-07 16:50:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:53:32

Kerrymum, we have such great kids, my DS1 won a story writing contest and got £50 of book tokens today

KerryMum Wed 20-Jun-07 16:54:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Budababe Wed 20-Jun-07 16:55:26

Hey KerryMum - will be down your way in 2 weeks so can check the men out for myself! Can you order in some nice weather for us - just checked the 10 day forecast for Dublin and it makes sad reading!

Are staying at Dingle Skellig for 4 nights from 1 July - really looking forward to it.

Budababe Wed 20-Jun-07 16:55:59

Wow kimi- well done your DS - LOVE book tokens!

KerryMum Wed 20-Jun-07 16:57:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Budababe Thu 21-Jun-07 07:42:19

Sorry - didn't get back to thread!

Wouldn't expect you to divulge your wherabouts!

And - TBH - yes I would expect it to be pricey! Captive market and all that.

By the way - remember the thread where you mentioned the old farmers buying dog food? Well I know someone here who works for a well-known pet food company and part of his job is to taste the "mix" every morning! YUCK - but I suppose it does mean that it is suitable for humans! Must find that thread actually and update people - cod esp!

akaJamiesMum Thu 21-Jun-07 08:02:12

I'd be bursting with pride too. Well done to him - you a right to feel pleased and proud.

KerryMum Thu 21-Jun-07 09:52:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tibsy Thu 21-Jun-07 09:58:29

what a little *

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