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2e - any sage advice?

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tartanterror Tue 02-Oct-18 14:02:54

Struggling with DS a bit. Y5 ASC with an EHCP and simultaneously exceeding all age-level academic expectations - apart from in writing where he is average.

This week he had a meltdown during some maths homework. He struggled to write one particular symbol due to his motor planning problems. He managed to calm down by thinking of a funny way of remembering how to do it (looked massively more complicated to me) and then proceeded to score 90-100% in his exercises with great ease. He generally avoids writing things down in that way that ASC kids do.

How on earth will he ever be able to demonstrate his knowledge in exams if he doesn't write?
We've waited 2 years already for school to get him typing and despite it being in his EHCP they continue to obfiscate.

Looking ahead to secondary schools he doesn't seem to fit quite right anywhere. Local comp has an ASC unit which he could get a place at, but almost all their other kids have SEN causing significant delays. Their academic results otherwise aren't great and he could do well IF motivated - but the ASC obviously interferes with that! Grammar farther away have great academic support & pastoral care, with a good SENCO - but what if that person leaves?

It's been a bad week and I'm having a wobble about whether it is too much to try for the 11+. I don't know anyone in RL with experience of this off mixture of abilities - any advice? Thanks

tartanterror Sat 27-Oct-18 20:13:27

Zoflora is your DS on SEN Support? He absolutely should be - the English curriculum is massively challenging for our guys - absolutely directly relates to core deficits. If not then make an appointment with the SENCO to get this sorted asap. The mocks results should push them into giving proper accommodations so he can achieve his potential in his GCSEs. Best of luck xx

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