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Games and toys for 3yo obsessed with jigsaws

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muddiecuddles Thu 16-Aug-18 18:47:01

I don't know if DD is gifted, but she's obsessed with jigsaws and memory games and has a very logical, mathematical brain. Just looking for suggestions of toys that might help bring her along and ensure she doesn't get bored? Thanks!

user789653241 Thu 16-Aug-18 23:22:20

My ds loved jigsaws too, and we kept getting more and more. By 4 years old, he was doing 500/1000 pieces ones.(some with our help.)

Other things he enjoyed was teaching clocks that talks, fraction toys, legos, kinex, wooden blocks, train sets, word search games, scrabble, peg board, tangram puzzles, etc. ,

tomhazard Sat 18-Aug-18 15:41:19

My DD was obsessed with jigsaws! She was amazing at them from 18 months- my advice is just to keep buying bigger ones, and also do them without the picture.
Once DD started school and learnt to read and write, this has now taken over and she spends most of her time writing elaborate stories and notes and practising spelling! She does still like a jigsaw though

brilliotic Mon 20-Aug-18 12:44:04

DS loved jigsaws too. I think construction toys (eg Lego) are a good way to go in general.

Though I guess it depends what aspects of the jigsaws it is that really appeal to her.
Is it the problem-solving? I.e. does she enjoy figuring out/applying a structured, logical approach to solving them, e.g. corner and border parts first, or determining a feature on the picture that stands out e.g. a patch of yellow and therefore finding the yellow parts first?
Or does she enjoy the trial-and-error of working out how the pieces fit together? Picking up a piece, determining which part of the image it matches, trying out if it attaches to something already there, if not so put it away and try a different one?
Or does she enjoy the visual aesthetic and surprise of an emerging image?
Or is it the 'creative' aspect of 'I can make this cool thing/picture' - DS used to love dinosaur jigsaws because he was never any good at drawing/painting, but with a jigsaw he could still 'create' a dinosaur picture.

Probably it is a combination of aspects that leads someone to enjoy jigsaws (and be good at them) but by determining which aspects in particular, you might have a better idea of what other things she might enjoy. For DS it was the 'create something' aspect so he loved Lego sets with instructions but not randomly building things out of Lego, as he didn't have the skills to create something nice without instructions, and had no inclination to just try it out or problem solve or create something asthetically pleasing.

user789653241 Mon 20-Aug-18 13:06:31

The way you think is truly inspirational, brilliotic. I never thought about it that way.
My ds's toys mainly came from his cousin or from charity shops, so he had massive amount of legos etc, but not all with instructions. He was opposite to your ds, he likes to create his own. So even proper newly bought boxed ones with instructions, once he made it, he break it up and recreated something else.

SpectacularAardvark Mon 20-Aug-18 13:36:46

She sounds great! My DS is shit at jigsaws, he always wants to get them out but then tries to make me do them instead, drives me crazy.

SpectacularAardvark Mon 20-Aug-18 13:38:37

Sorry, posted too early. I meant to say there are some great logic puzzles, traffic jam I think and thinks like that. Tangrams are fab too.
(Experience with other kids, not mine!)

SpectacularAardvark Mon 20-Aug-18 13:40:07

Rush Hour, traffic jam logic puzzle, that's the one I was thinking of.

Twofishfingers Tue 21-Aug-18 16:11:06

This website is brilliant. Lots of games and puzzles, for younger and older kids. 3 years old is a bit young for Rush hour I think, but there are other options on the website

user789653241 Wed 22-Aug-18 08:14:09

Oh yes, that site is fantastic, fishfingers.

Au79 Tue 11-Sep-18 22:22:28

The Happy Puzzle Company is ace.

amritsky Mon 08-Oct-18 22:46:47

Castle logix. A great 3d puzzle for aged 3-adult.

Ignoramusgiganticus Mon 08-Oct-18 22:52:25

Orchard shopping game was played for many years in our house and was tolerable to me unlike some games I was requested to play

We also started playing uno around that age - they could sort their hand out on the floor as their hands weren't big enough to hold the cards.

Junior monopoly was introduced at a fairly young age too. The one with the dodgems on the front.

JustRichmal Tue 09-Oct-18 09:02:17

Your dd may be a little too young atm, but dd loved the Mythical Maths series by Letts. If your dd likes mathematical brain she may well enjoy them also.

The Usbourne puzzle books were also a favourite.

JustRichmal Tue 09-Oct-18 09:04:42

"has a mathematical brain". Oops

Tomorrowillbeachicken Fri 12-Oct-18 15:53:26

Look on the happy puzzle company site

whosafraidofabigduckfart Sat 27-Oct-18 02:59:30

Smart Games SG 423 IQ FIt - IQ Games

This is a hit in our house. You remove some of the pieces per the instructions. It’s surprisingly engaging and can bring out

anyideasonthis Fri 21-Dec-18 17:58:13

Same here and Kapla bricks were a logical progression from jigsaws.

JustRichmal Fri 21-Dec-18 21:31:47

Just curious. Why does the link end in; "tag=mumsnetforum-21"? Is it a commission thing?

Helperout Thu 17-Jan-19 13:43:41

My DS9 loved jigsaw puzzles as that age and he quickly fell in love with the Lego kits (one with the instructions). He was doing the creator ones for aged 16+ at 5 years of age. He also loves kapla blocks and was doing the Rush Hour traffic jam puzzle at breakfast this morning!
This was also a great hit. They have brilliant stuff in this shop.

whosafraidofabigduckfart Fri 01-Feb-19 23:57:36


It was just a direct link to a game I’d ordered before on amazon. I’ve no idea about the coding link details but no commission for me😂

It is linking to the amazon app rather than an internet link.

Smart Games SG 423 IQ FIt - IQ Games Is the name of the game

JustRichmal Sat 02-Feb-19 09:25:38

I apologise. I was just curious as the link works without all the ref etc. Dh has Googles it and says it is an Amazon Affiliates link, so it must be something to do with going through Mumsnet.

whosafraidofabigduckfart Sat 02-Feb-19 14:56:35

No need to apologize

We’ve also got cuburo tricky ways and boxes of train tracks with lots of cool attachments which ds loves building

Amumhere Fri 29-Mar-19 00:19:06

Our three year old was never into puzzles is suddenly into puzzles 😀.
I think logic games by smartgames is great recommendation above. Rush hour by thinkfun has a junior version which our three year old enjoys. She also has castle logic by smartgames which is great. I also highly recommend getting board games and card games. We play a lot of games so feel free to ask for recommendations.

Jenniferyellowcat Fri 29-Mar-19 00:28:55

Following for ideas. DS was obsessed with jigsaws as a toddler. He currently likes the Happy Puzzle clock kit, K’nex, Lego, marble runs, wooden train set (especially using random props to make bridges!).

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