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Incas testing

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Faz2015 Thu 23-Mar-17 13:33:36

My dd (6yr) Judy got her incas results in yesterday with reading and comprehension age of 10 maths about 8...

Now do these incas tests mean anything?? I asked deputy head what do they do with results, she said we just assess their level... they won't do anything different as a result of these... they don't challenge her in class she does what everyone else does.

My question is should I do anything different as a result?


Ginmummy1 Wed 29-Mar-17 09:36:54

Not all schools do these tests (DD’s doesn’t, or if they do, they don’t tell the parents!) I gather anecdotally that the tests tend to inflate the ‘age’ slightly as well, but this may be unfair. Either way, your daughter is clearly doing well!

Are you certain she’s not being challenged in class? Is she bored and getting disruptive? Is she finishing her work to a high standard and twiddling her thumbs for ages? Has she asked the teacher for additional/harder work? Is she alone in finding the work easy? Is she spending her time helping others? What is really happening?

Have you spoken to the teacher about your concerns? I’d suggest you do it quite gently, perhaps by saying that your DD says she finds the work ‘easy’, but you want to check whether there’s something your DD is ‘missing’. Hopefully this will lead to a useful conversation (we did the same with our Y1 DD and it took a couple of weeks but the teacher is now providing more challenging options).

At home I’d just carry on doing what you’re doing: there’s no need to do anything different just because your child got some good scores on some tests. Provide a range of reading materials, visit places, use wide vocabulary in family conversations etc. If she’s particularly interested in something, provide opportunities for her to extend her knowledge/expertise. Offer her the chance to take up a hobby that challenges her.

irvineoneohone Wed 29-Mar-17 19:58:30

Don't know about the test, but just keep providing her with lots of books,
give her challenging works if you like.

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