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What does it mean in real terms?

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DragonitesRule Sat 05-Nov-16 15:58:04

DD (12) so yr8 was gutted last yr to not be put on the she is truely gifted in reading (level 6 from primary school and same reading age as her teacher in secondary on the accelerated reading scheme, and her English teacher says she is exceptional). So we never got to go the G&T parents meeting and have all the info.

Cue this wk and she receives an email from the deputy head, who also heads up G&T informing her of when the meetings for the Gifted plus programme are. She was confused but thought he'd added her name by mistake. Cut a long story short, he emails me that no, it's not a mistake and after reviewing end of year exam results etc and discussion with the rest of the SLT she had been added and he would be congratulated at the next meeting.

I have emailed him asking what this means/how she can make the most of opportunities and how we can support her etc though he has not replied yet!hmm does anyone on here know more about it? TIA

DragonitesRule Sat 05-Nov-16 16:02:24

She is also good across the board-top set in all subjects and just doing grade 5 and 4 in two different instruments

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