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dancingmuppet Thu 18-Jun-15 06:43:58

My year 2 son has been awarded the maths prize at his school, he's been given a book token so that he can choose any book ( doesn't have to be maths related) which he can then be presented with at speech day.
He really wants a maths type book, does anyone know of any that are different from just sums etc in them, he really likes reading about facts?
Hope this question makes sense. Thanks.

var123 Thu 18-Jun-15 10:15:09

Think of a number by Johnny Ball or Murderous Maths.

Ds2 was reading both these books in year 3, so I think they'll be suitable

teeththief Thu 18-Jun-15 10:23:55

My DD had these for Christmas and really enjoyed them. Everyone always raves about Murderous Maths but neither of my DC particularly liked them tbh

teeththief Thu 18-Jun-15 10:24:06

Oh and well done to your DS!

catkind Fri 19-Jun-15 00:47:26

Have you seen the Usborne See Inside Maths book? Throws out a lot of ideas, from basics to really quite interesting. It's started DS after various hares which I love.

dancingmuppet Mon 22-Jun-15 06:41:47

Thanks everyone for some great ideas.

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