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nrich -- Any ideas?

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xing Fri 21-Nov-14 14:15:48

Ds is year 4, and has learnt a lot Math himself up to all year 8 topics. However the prep school Math teacher suggested that he should stop learning these "mechanics" as he can do all these Math topics well already, he should be doing more "puzzle" type of Math. The teacher recommended nrich but commented nrich is difficult to navigate at the beginning. DS looked at the website quickly, it does seems to be confusing. Anyone has any ideas on how/where to start? Thanks.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 21-Nov-14 15:13:54

It is awkwardly laid out. His teacher has the right idea, but more guidance would be helpful for you. the live problems page is a good place to start. Try him with the upper primary. He will need to think outsode the box and if hes used to finding it easy he may struggle at first.

You could ask the school about him doing the primary maths challenge next year.

iggly2 Fri 21-Nov-14 18:02:57

Sorry no idea how to use the site as DS uses it and his school use it for him a lot. I have to say the puzzles are amazing and brilliant (DH and myself enjoy them grin). This is proper thinking and logical maths (not just plodding along inserting numbers in formulae, or just repeating a new concept endlessly). The sort of maths to keep their interest and challenge them. The sort of maths that if later they are interested in taking maths further they could be questioned on in interviews.

Primary Maths Challenge and laterly UKMT papers are superb as well.

stn24 Fri 21-Nov-14 20:38:27

What iggly2 said.

AsBrightAsAJewel Sat 29-Nov-14 20:56:04

I would suggest instead of expecting your child to navigate the nrich site you start here, look at each KS2 area, e.g. Working Systematically at KS2, pick a challenge or two and then let your DS lose on them.

xing Wed 10-Dec-14 13:30:02

AsBrightAsAJewel and everyone, thanks a lot. DS has started and sumitted two answers.

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