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could she be Gifted and Talented artistically?

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isitnearlytime Thu 10-Jul-14 07:55:51

my 7 year old dd is in the process of being assessed for dyslexia as she's very behind in literacy & maths. However, cognitive tests have revealed she's far from stupid. Particularly she scored 98th percentile in visual spacial area, age equivalent 13! Her teacher says this explains why she's so good at art and excels in DT lessons. I'm not expert but she's clearly very arty and creative and is like lightning on the loom bands lol. She keeps saying she's going to be a fashion designer. From googling, I read that 98th percentile in a standardised test indicates G&T in that area. Would be lovely if that's true as she suffers from low self esteem due to being bottom of the class academically.

Messygirl Thu 10-Jul-14 07:59:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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