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Year1 - what to expect?

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BlackeyedSusan Tue 22-Jul-14 23:44:02

oh and I found doing stuff at home with dd worked. the structure of the day and the physical difficulties were enough in school. choosing to learn about something for the sake of learning about it helped dd at home. too young to cope with too much structiure in school, but needing to learn more difficult but fun things at home 1:1

BlackeyedSusan Tue 22-Jul-14 23:42:00

more structured, still ltos of play at the beginning. how old are the class? if the class has a lot of older children they may more structured, if younger than less so. dd was in a young class but needed older children, ds is in a old class but needs younger children and less formality... sod's law.

Derbydolly Thu 26-Jun-14 22:38:38

It does depend on the school. Some schools have lots of continuity between Reception and Year 1. Others get quite formal quite quickly. You'll probably find more lessons structured with teacher input, followed by group work. There will be more differentiation of activity within this so it is easier to stretch children academically. However, I would just say that at that age they are still developing gross and fine motor skills, interaction skills, independence etc and structured play is great for all that. Hopefully you'll feel that Year 1 is a better balance for him.

ThreeOnOne Thu 26-Jun-14 20:18:02

DS will start Y1 in September. He is deemed G&T across a number of areas, but his teacher's view is that his language, understand of the world, ability to think things through and express himself are particularly 'outstanding'.
He has not been stretched or well motivated through reception, and this is only just now being address by his teacher (who I like very much!) since I have had a few meetings to find out what he is actually doing and how we can all help.
DS isn't flourishing in the free-flow learning/play environment any more and is ready for more structured learning. I am hoping wondering if Y1 is very similar to reception with lots of play at the beginning or if it is much more structured - ie. more of the sit a table and do a set piece of work style of schooling....
I'd be really interested to hear others experiences...

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