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Twice exceptional - same old line from teachers

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dalziel1 Tue 17-Jun-14 13:33:16

Ds2 is both clever and has dysgraphia. Just like DS1. So the teacher's expressed views as to why his writing lags his other subjects so badly are:-
1. he can't expect to be good everything
2. other children would be glad to be at his level even in writing
3. there is no problem - he is within the government's expected levels.

I heard all this first time around with DS2 and i wasn't expecting much but it still has the ability to irritate the hell out of me when I have to listen to the cliches all over again.

dalziel1 Tue 17-Jun-14 13:36:20

If it follows the path of last time, then in five months time, there will be a parent's evening and the next teacher will tell me that there is a problem with the writing and DS needs to try harder (because apparently he was only writing badly to annoy her).

nonicknameseemsavailable Tue 17-Jun-14 14:18:59

I really don't understand why some teachers just can't get it. after all they are supposed to be educated people and it isn't THAT rare to be dual or multiple exception.

DD1 is highly likely to be a compensating dyslexic, has scotopic sensitivity, a language disorder and has a huge number of dyspraxic traits but is actually physically able to DO the things in the physical tests so therefore can't be diagnosed with anything dyspraxiaish. she also has a very high IQ even though it is lowered by her verbal IQ due to her word difficulty. oh and she is hypermobile. she also does some very odd things with numbers but can grasp hard maths concepts so not sure if that is linked to her possible dyslexia problem that we can't prove.

I am waiting to see which teacher she has for next year and have asked to meet with them before she starts in the class as her language problem is quite unusual and I will then hopefully get some idea of how her teacher will handle her.

no advice - sorry but you aren't alone.

gardenfeature Wed 18-Jun-14 06:33:57

All sounding familiar here although things changed at secondary where almost all the teachers got the plot pretty quickly unlike Junior where nobody got the plot and DS was on the bottom table.

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