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Dealing with early school age entry.. Victoria

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acm2012 Tue 13-May-14 03:37:56

Hi, I'm new to this and looking for some help/advice.

Over the past 6 months my maternal health nurse has been monitoring my sons development. At 18 months it was recommended that we do something a bit more formally documented.
At 18 months he completed a 12-23 month brigance with a score of 100.
On that same day he then completed the 2 year old brigance with a score of 84.

Last week(2nd birthday).. my son completed the 2 yr old brigance again scoring 100. He then went on to complete the 3.5 yr old brigance with a score of 83.

So at 2 years old he is already scoring above the detecting score for talent and giftedness of a 3.5 year old.

Following all of this my maternal health nurse has recommended I start looking in to Kindergarten and following with the process of school.
Unfortunately my son was born on the 8th of May, putting him 8 days AFTER the Victorian School Age entry cut off.

All I am looking to achieve is that he not necessarily begin school a year early, simple start school in the year that he turns 5.. in May, not April.

Has anyone dealt with the process of early school entry with the DEECD?

I've failed to get any guidance or answers from bother kindergartens and school. So please if you have any experience with this can you send me in the right direction. confused

I apologise that this is so long,

Thanks in advance,

Mum trying to be organised.

SavoyCabbage Tue 13-May-14 03:51:54

Hi, there are a few children at our school who have skipped a year. This has been against the recommendation of the school but the parent bypassed them and went to the DEECD with 'evidence' from a psychologist that they should skip. In one case, the child started prep a year early.

One of my main concerns would be that your child would be in a class with children two years older than they are as parents whose children fall around the deadline months, have the opportunity to hold them back.

At our school, we have composite classes so years 1&2 are together for example. This would make the age gap HUGE.

SavoyCabbage Tue 13-May-14 03:53:59

You might be better posting this in Living Overseas as it's more an overseas problem (not understanding the system) than a gifted proble.

I now work in G&T education and there are not many dc who have started school early.

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