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Please advise me

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UMMU888 Sun 06-Apr-14 11:47:26

My 3 year4months old ds is advanced compared to other kids in his age.

He knows all alphabets (U&L) read & write & phonec sounds, Count & write up to 100 & doing simple addition.
He write & read many small words like apple, ball, cat...

I bought a globe 1month before.Now he knows more than 65 countries & capitals & their location in Globe.

He knows planets , oceans, continents,which is worlds largest, smallest.......He likes to talk about them & see vedios

He always ask me questions. for example I told him Sun is a star. That time he asked me Is moon a star? I said No. He told me Why? Moon also bright in the sky.. I dont know how to explain him.

I dont know how he memorise all the things .. If i ask any questions ,fast response from him.

Im a working women & i send him a day care.

He will start his school (KG1, Indian curriculam) on next sunday in dubai. His class timings in only 2& half Hours.

My doubt is that this education system
is enough for him ?

Will i inform his teacher about him?

Please advice me...

CourgetteYumYums Mon 07-Apr-14 00:20:51

Talk to them. Your child is beyond exceptional and this needs to be encouraged. If either you or a childcare professional can help this grow then your child will do really well. I'm currently trying to get mine recognised too. It's a hard slog but worth it. Just keep teaching him yourself too. Mine's five and reading chapter books. We spend five minutes on word doc making true/false questions of what he has read to ensure his comprehension is up with reading skill.

Sharaluck Mon 07-Apr-14 00:31:38

He does sound very clever.

Do you have other choices of schools?

Have you visited the school and talked to the teacher?

What does his nursery do with him at the moment?

TheVictorian Mon 07-Apr-14 01:26:19

firstly id give him an encyclopedia for children as he seems very smart and the book will help him improve his knowledge about various subjects.

mercibucket Mon 07-Apr-14 01:41:38

have you heard of hyperlexia and could it describe your don? it is an early fascination with letters and numbers.

mercibucket Mon 07-Apr-14 01:41:58

sorry. don should be son

UMMU888 Mon 07-Apr-14 08:45:09


In here other curriculam schools have charge high fee.

We had applied one "outstanding" school. They charge reasonable fee. In KG 1 they select on the basis of lots . Morethan 2000 applicants for 200 seats. My Ds didnt get lot.

His school is in "Acceptable" Grade in Ministry of education records.

We visited his teacher for orientation. That was a general meeting. we didnt talk to her directly.

From this month he s going one daycare because of starting school. Only playing there.

Before i sent him one home nursery. she taught him writing Alphabet & numbers up to 20. She told me he is very interesting in maths.

I spend 1 hour for him after my work. So now i have worry about him.

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