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3yr old memorised querty keyboard.

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Patti888 Mon 17-Feb-14 17:11:43

The title says it all but I'll give you the background.
DS, 3.4yrs was tapping away on a shoe box lid.
I asked him if he was playing piano. 'No I'm typing' he replies.
Turns out he's memorised every key position on a shoe box lid!
He rarely has access to our laptop & nursery doesn't have one.
He's a fluent reader & has currently a maths obsession, but this floored me.
Could he have a photographic memory? Actually what is a photographic memory?
Does anyone understand how he could do this or any insight at all?

mercibucket Mon 17-Feb-14 17:15:25

is he hyperlexic? think thats what it is called?

Patti888 Tue 18-Feb-14 09:08:48

I'd wondered that too but he's under a developmental peadiatrition for gross motor delays when he was younger & she thinks he's just very bright. When he taught himself to read, just before he was two, I queried Hyperlexia.
I've no idea how his brain works but it's a lot better than mine!
DS is adopted so maybe one of his biological parents had this 'gift'.
Meanwhile, I struggle to understand this brain of his.
Thanks so much for replying.

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