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DS (11) just been told he is gifted and talented

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lostinteaching47 Wed 11-Dec-13 15:10:37

Hi, I have been redirected here from another forum.This is my first experience and I was just wondering what happens next? I haven't heard anything from the school and from having a quick read up on a couple of threads here, can I expect to receive a letter from the school? Apparently he did a Midyis test in the Summer when he came to the school on a taster day.He was pulled out of one of his classes yesterday and was spoken to alone and told that his score was at a genius level which I found a bit of an odd thing for the teacher/Senco to say.DS is very happy , he has a good attitude to working and all of his teachers have always liked him as he is well behaved etc.He doesn't put himself out really, he really doesn't like writing and this puts him off producing more than the bare minimum.He is very good at English and Maths and I guess it might be these subjects.He isn't sporty or musical.He is quiet and sensitive, he has friends which I'm pleased about and seems to like school but doesn't rave about it:>)

Any tips/advise? thanks x

waitingforthepost Wed 11-Dec-13 21:14:38

While being told he did very well is a good confidence boost, telling him he is a "genius" at 11 is not great IMO, I would even avoid labels like "gifted and talented" and make sure he knows while he is able, that hard work is needed to achieve academically.

However. his teachers will know his scores which is good and you should ask them what they will do to make sure he is stretched in extension work etc.

My DS also did similar tests and scored in top % which also reflects his academic achievement but I actually didn't tell him that he is labelled as "exceptional" in any way as I don't think it will do him any favours and also it is just a snapshot of where he is now and it could change in a couple of years if for some reason he goes off the boil at school.

He knows he is well advanced in certain subjects but he also thinks success comes mostly from working hard and I want to keep it that way. Also you can be very ahead in some subjects like maths, and not so great in others like languages, so the tests are somewhat limited in their purview.

Writing is an issue for boys in perhaps reading lots (at advanced level) will eventually inspire him to write. I would say lots of enriching activities at home and let him delve into whatever interests him even if obscure, whether rocks or insects etc.

annw1 Wed 11-Dec-13 22:17:00

His teacher/SENCO should not have told him before telling his parents surely. It should be your decision as to whether or not he was to be told. My eldest DD was placed on the school G&T list last year. I was told at her parents evening. After getting my head around the whole thing I felt the need to seek reassurance from the school that she would never be told. This 'label' can only confirm the feeling that they may already have of being different and can only make the situation worse. In your situation I would be quite angry and want an explanation from the school. Is he ok in terms of handling this on an emotional level. Hope he is ok lol xxx

AuntySib Wed 11-Dec-13 22:26:54

My youngest 2 DSs were listed as G & T. Then absolutley nothing happened ( in case of 18yr old, for the rest of his school career!)
I thought the eldest was G&T, but when I asked about it, was told he was borderline. Made no difference in either case.

MrsSquirrel Thu 12-Dec-13 09:02:19

You really have to ask the school what happens next. It really varies a lot. I agree it's a bit crap of them to tell the child and not the parents.

I am a bit hmm that the teacher actually used the word 'genius', even if ds honestly remembers it that way.

My dd (now in Y10) has been offered various activities, including a visit to a physics lab at Cambridge and student-led educational research project which she loved. Her school are fairly good about this stuff. They have a named member of the management team with overall responsibility for G&T provision.

lostinteaching47 Fri 13-Dec-13 06:43:47

Hello everyone, thanks for your replies.I think that's how I've been feeling about the adult speaking to him before me(still haven't heard anything from school) and yes she did say "genius" which I too feel funny about.In terms of how he feels, he's quite young (Summer born and immature) for his age, when he was younger (3&4) we had a full paediatric screening because the playgroup/nursery felt he might have ADHD/ODD, he just didn't want to be there! In yr 2 his teacher said he had the best grasp of comprehension she had seen.He went to different/extra classes for English and maths in yr 6 so I guess things were being done.His primary were pretty good I'm more worried about Secondary as it's very big (10 classes in yr group) but it's meant to be an Outstanding school.DD is in yr 10 and doing ok now but things slipped a bit for her in yrs 7 & 8 and I remember being up the school quite a bit.
I am the same, I don't like labels either, I don't like the term G&T, I don't understand it.I don't think he is particularly either.He is good at maths, has always been and is better at English than his sister and she is good.My daughter has a talent I guess for singing, is self taught, reads music, picks up tunes quickly etc, but decides not to use it.DS is very good with anything computer based and he is quite arty, likes modelling.He's good at playing games like chequers, would be good at chess, likes games where you need to plan moves ahead.
Thanks for your answers.

RedHelenB Sat 18-Jan-14 08:53:44

lost - of courser they tell a secondary aged child about THEIR test score before their parent! I am certain that a teacher would not have told him he was a genius!

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