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Clever ds, 6, underachieving at school!

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jaws5 Tue 10-Dec-13 22:05:12

My son was sent by his school to be assessed for Aspergers, which I didn't believe he had. The results confirmed that he's not Aspergers but he scored top 1% Verbal and top 2% non-verbal in a general ability test. The problem is that school is not working out for him, he tends to day-dream or draw when he's not supposed to, his writing is scarce, spelling is atrocious and he won't write his working out for maths. His levels are average to low average, and teachers are a bit lost as to what to do with him. He is not beyond his peers because he doesn't think or learn linearly, he instead finds parallels between different concepts and subjects, and asks questions that I don't know how to answer - I try by researching together, so I try. He has a real thirst for knowledge for most things but school bores him, so he switches off. I am waiting for a meeting with the schools g&t coordinator, but I am not sure what to request. He would be happy as a scientist's helper, would never switch off then, but that's not on the cards! Any advice would be very helpful, especially if you have been in a similar situation, thanks!

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