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Extra homework

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usernameunknown Sun 08-Dec-13 23:17:30

I posted a few weeks ago about DS and his maths development and have since been trying to work out what his and his sister's levels mean.

As I posted previously DS is in y4 and a 4a for reading and writing and 5b for maths.

Since then we have found out that DD (y2) is a 3c for maths and writing and a 3b for reading.

Previous to posting on here I had no idea what this all meant but after researching it all I've realised DD is also ahead of "expected levels". However, DS is getting lots of extra help now but DD is only getting extra homework. Is that usual in KS1? We've always been helpful with their homework (just to the point of explaining what they need to do but giving minimal help), are we going about it the right way or should I be pushing DD even more and extending the homework she's given?

lljkk Mon 09-Dec-13 19:50:47

But why would you push more? Is she unhappy? If she's happy & exceeding targets, then the system they have in place works for her. I don't see a need for change.

Acinonyx Mon 09-Dec-13 20:58:19

Personally I don't want extra homework - I want good differentiation during the school day. That's what I would be asking for IIWY. If your dc really want to do more of their subject, e.g. maths for fun at home that's absolutely fine (I used to do that) - but otherwise no need for more prescribed homework as such. There are lots of other activities that can't be done in school that they could be doing to stretch them.

I have actually put my foot down about the extra homework thing. I expect this to be dealt with in school.

simpson Mon 09-Dec-13 21:03:51

DD got extra homework last year in reception and it was actually a real pain!

I think you need to speak to the teacher and get an idea of how your DD is being differentiated in class. Is your DD happy?

My DD is in yr1 and is very able in literacy and she is happy, I don't worry about what homework she comes home with.

My DS is also in yr4 and very strong in numeracy and again he seems happy so I leave the school to it blush

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