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How to help my smart kid to interact more with kids of his age?

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Preeta Tue 10-Sep-13 21:37:43

My son was an early talker, he surprised us by talking at 6 months. By the time he was 1 year he was already talking complete sentences. He also knew a lot of nursery rhymes, abc and 1-10 by his first bday. By 18 months he knew most of the colors,vehicles, fruits, shapes and so on. He was able to have vocabulary of 4-5 words per alphabet even complicated ones likes astronauts. Now at 28 months, he is able to read simple 3 -4 letter words, even common words like apple, trains, etc. he knows planets in solar systems, days of weeks and can tell accurately what day it is tomorrow, days of months, seasons, complicated shapes like cuboid, cylinder, sphere and relate it to day to day objects like ball is a sphere and so on. He is quite hyper active and curious. He can tell stories from books he been read without a single mistake and love vehicles specially trains. He can recognize numbers till 30 and count till 50. And though I am happy with this, I am worried he would get bored at school. He can't interact with kids of his he. H prefers hanging out with adults or kids older than him. Des any one have any idea how to deal with this? He also has very limited patience, he learns easily and gets damn impatient and annoyed when he is made to repeat . It's is def Italy worrisome when he starts school. Any advise? Dd any other parents go through this?

OnePlanOnHouzz Wed 11-Sep-13 07:56:52

my friends daughter was gifted too - she asked all her friends which schools they'd recommend they booked meetings with several of the local primary schools and one local prep school. after weighing up which school could offer the best environment and encouragement to suit her daughter she made a decision and the little girl is doing brilliantly at school ! I know your little one it's school age yet - but maybe consider in a similar way if you are looking at toddler group ?! nb my friends little girl never really got on with anyone else in our group as she just wanted to learn not play . she'd show signs of boredom very quickly at our get togethers !

richmal Wed 11-Sep-13 08:31:25

I too taught my dd much the same things as you have taught your ds before she started school.
I think there are two issues here; mixing with children their own age; and the school work being too easy for them.
I took my dd to play groups and from what I remember, they all seemed to go through a stage of playing alone and just observing other children before eventually joining in. At around 3 year I put her in a Montessori nursery for 2 or 3 mornings each week. She seemed fine at mixing with children her own age by the time she started in reception.
The education has been a different problem. I ended up home educating partly because there was not enough differentiation in school. She will hopeful pass for grammar and return to school next year. I would say though, wait and see when he starts school. Others on this section have had a lot better provision from schools.

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