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nature vs nurture - how did your child turn out GT?

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ModelVillage Sun 08-Sep-13 15:38:03

If you have a gifted and talented child, what did you do to make him/her that way? Did he/she just drop out of the sling one day and showed really advanced behaviour? Or did you "power parent" them?

I somehow can't shake the idea that I have somehow failed my kids a little by having had a less than dedicated nanny for a year when they were under two and by generally not "teaching" them something every time we communicate.

Apologies already if this has been done before, I usually don't frequent this board! But if you care to explain your parenting style (or lack of it) I would be grateful.

pointythings Sun 15-Sep-13 22:11:13

I think it's a mix, but I don't know about real prodigies - the kind who end up at Oxford at 14. Mine certainly aren't anywhere near that league.

However, DH and I both have above average IQs. His is about 130, mine is 155 (we have both ended up tested for various reasons, mainly to do with people wanting to practice the WAIS-III on us. It is mind-bendingly hard work). We also both believe education is very important (though we are not tiger parents) and we both love reading - we've certainly fostered a love of books. Lastly both of us are interested in history, heritage, politics and nature, and a lot of our family activities revolve around that. We're the kind of people who enjoy going on roller coasters whilst talking about the physics and engineering involved.

Preeta Sun 15-Sep-13 23:01:58

I have a gifted son who can read at 28 months . But I don't think it was all nurture . He started talking on his own at 6 months . He has learned a lot on his own and we are hardly pushy as parents. We encourage his learning and curiosity but he shows signs of learning and benign extremely sharp.
I don't think nurture alone can really help and I am sure every parent does what is best in their capacity for their kids

Vietnammark Tue 24-Sep-13 17:02:05

I believe that the average child is born with about 60 points (for arguments sake let's assume they are IQ points) and through nurture they on average acquire an additional 40 points.

I believe that with excellent nurture these average kids may be able to increase their 60 inherited points by a further 70 points, thus pushing them up to 130 points.

Maybe super bright kids are born with 100 points and with excellent nurture this can be turned in to 170 points.

If my maths were correct then it would be very difficult to turn a child who was born with 60 points in to a G&T student, but a naturally bright student may be able to, depending on one's definition of G&T of course.

sydlexic Thu 26-Sep-13 00:09:23

I found with DS that no encouragement was required. I could not stop him learning if I wanted to. He was born that way. A higher thinker.

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