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Ideas for applying maths to real life situations

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Cat98 Sun 14-Jul-13 08:47:13

Ds is very advanced in maths, particularly numeracy. He really enjoys doing sums and asks me often to 'challenge' him. Some examples of sums he can work out in a minute or so in his head (the ones he did last night before bed!) are- 1000 - 208, 30 x 50, 1150 + 297, also he knows most of his times tables and fractions, can divide most even numbers by 2. He's just finishing reception but is only just 5.

However, I'm aware that schools are moving away from this kind of maths (sums) - the issue I've got is that ds just loves them. So I am looking for ideas of how to challenge him but applying the sums to real life situations (particularly times tables - his teacher put this on his action plan re tables). In a way that will be fun for him, obviously.
His teacher does say that he understands perfectly well what quantities actually mean (he's v good at estimating, for example) so they are not just arbitrary figures to him, but he finds it difficult to explain reasons behind patterns I think. I know that he's doing well and I don't want to push him, it's just that as he enjoys the sums I want to make sure we are doing stuff at home in the 'right' way to support his school learning.
Thank you smile

Furzella Wed 17-Jul-13 10:54:52

My DD's fave project last year was designing a theme park - tonnes of maths involved: designing rides, then working out cost, running expenses, how much profit they could make, etc. It lasted ages and she was obsessed!

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