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Sporty 2 y.o.

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mummyru Wed 19-Jun-13 20:55:34

My almost 29 month old DD is quite good at sport (swimming). I want to support her ability but at the same I do not want to put her off so in the future she will be fed up with it. How to go about it? I am not a professional so I do not know how to challenge a child with sport abilities.

basildonbond Thu 20-Jun-13 07:28:29

Take her to the pool, let her splash around and have fun, get her some good small group lessons in a year or two and apart from that do absolutely nothing - she's TWO!!!

Two of mine swim competitively, one at a very high level, and at that age swimming was just one of a number of fun things they did - and you certainly wouldn't have picked out ds at 2 as being particularly talented ...

boredofwork Thu 20-Jun-13 07:35:27

My 3 year old DS has always shown sporting talent too from a very young age. The best advice I was given about challenge, was just to have fun and allow him to challenge himself. He loves to see what he can do and I just follow, providing support if needed.

He started swimming lessons at nearly 3, they put him in a group where I had to go in with him because of his age but then realised he would be better in the older group by himself. If you have a good swimming teacher they will adapt to meet your DD needs.

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