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Secondary schools specialising in music in South East?

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caritomama Mon 17-Jun-13 11:30:50

Can anyone recommend a secondary school (including independent) specialising/focusing on music? My daughter is doing really well in both maths and music and although I want a broad education for her she seems to have a natural talent for music and I think we need to find a school that will nurture this.

apatchylass Mon 17-Jun-13 18:53:33

Yehudi Menuin (sp?) is near us and has a good reputation.

FriendlyLadybird Mon 17-Jun-13 21:32:46

The Yehudi Menuhin School has a bit more than a good reputation! It's for exceptionally gifted string players and pianists.
OP -- What instruments does she play and how good, really, is she? You could consider her auditioning for the RCM or Guildhall junior departments. They do rather take up Saturdays but give a great musical education and opportunities, while allowing her to focus on other subjects at school during the week.

LIZS Mon 17-Jun-13 21:59:48

Agree, most of the musical children I know do it extra curricular such as National Children's Choir, National Youth Orchestra or attend one of the Saturday music schools in London and summer schools.

Theas18 Wed 19-Jun-13 09:15:55

Just be aware that specialist music schools are just that. Straight forward academic life isn't a priority. Yes they may get some good results, but i'm not entirely convinced that you don't narrow your child's outlook at 11 by taking this route ( it could be the right choice for your child of course but it seems so early to decide). We looked at it and didn't pursue it (in the mid primary time when DS was being bullied).

morethanpotatoprints Wed 19-Jun-13 17:17:13

Theas, if you don't mind me asking. Was it the narrowness of education that made you decide against.
I ask as my dd has her heart set on one particular music school and won't go to secondary if she doesn't get in. Whilst I want it to be her decision I would like to have the facts.

Theas18 Wed 19-Jun-13 22:23:12

yes it was really. well that and the boarding aspect. fortunately as he was our second child we could see he was an able" all rounder". I think it's we hadn't seen our eldest progress to secondary etc etc would have barren easy to see ds as just" strong in music" at 9 when we were thinking about .

it was interesting and scary too think that we could brew engaging in a 10k hours" tiger mother“ you're project. he had a level if ability, and music school would, if you like, put the ten thousand hours of work in, to try to become a professional musician.

however he wasn't ready to make that his main focus, so we used his music to support him and find him a true peer group of like minded boys ( he joined a cathedral choir ) and we used his" brain power" with some anti bullying strategies. fortunately it worked :-)

interestingly he's now 17 and still has his options open to maybe continue music at uni having attended a non specialist school with a lot of musically able kids. don't think he will though, he has other plans,

morethanpotatoprints Wed 19-Jun-13 22:37:24


Thank you for your reply, it is so helpful to hear about other parents views, especially when you are considering the same options. As you say he had the best of both worlds, which seems like the best decision for you. thanks.

BikeRunSki Wed 19-Jun-13 22:40:13

Does Pimlico still do the Special Music Course? (O left in 1989!)

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