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Wanted: 8/9/10 yr old penpal for dd in US prior to move to Reading

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SpeechGarden Tue 30-Apr-13 19:19:34

Our family is preparing to move from the US to Reading in August. We just told the kids last night, and the dd was really sad about leaving the only home she's ever known. I think it would be helpful to have a pen pal (email) to help her with the transition. Anyone know a sweet girl who might be an 'ambassador' of sorts for my tender-hearted newbie? She will enter state school in year 4 next fall. Once the school is known, we will look for new friends there, but that is many weeks away. Reading/Berkshire area would be ideal (so that we may consider meeting in the future), but not completely necessary.

We also have a soon-to-be seven yr old son who will be year three next year. He was oblivious to the forthcoming emotions, but may be jealous when his sister gets a pen-pal, so 7/8 yr old boy penpal would also be welcome. Both are certified G&T here, but I realize that may not necessarily be the case in a new school.

We would all appreciate any warm welcome you could give them, as it will make ALL our lives easier!

Thank you, Ellen

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 01-May-13 07:38:30

PM me I live in West Berkshire and have a 9 year old girl who would love to email. She is loves music (choir and clarinet), drama and dance.

LadyLech Wed 01-May-13 11:54:53

I've Pmed you..

SpeechGarden Wed 01-May-13 13:45:25

Awesome! She's going to be so, if only I can figure out how to 'private message'. Hum, searching help now!

Chillymonster Tue 07-May-13 21:38:28

Will PM you

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