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Pre Teens (10yr) Reading at Young Adult/Adult Level - Book Recomendations...

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rockinhippy Wed 13-Mar-13 12:16:27

My 10yr old DD is a very prolific reader & reads above her age, now loving young adult books & I'm finding keeping up with her & often getting "safe" book recomendations for her a bit of a nightmare, especially as I need lots of books to keep her busy,

I've posted on the chat section before, but have only really had recommendations that were more aimed at her age, or not far ahead, or old classics that really dont interest her at all - so I'm hoping posting here will be better (she is G&T) & I also thought I'm probably not the only one dealing with this, do starting a "Book Recommendations" thread might be useful to us all, or does a site or something exist that rates books as you would films ?? & if not, why notgrin it would make my life so much easier

I naturally want to avoid anything with sexual content, the odd nod to it is fine, but however grown up she seems, she is only 10 - but horror, science fiction, etc etc - she is fine with, she has a very analytical mind & isn't bothered by even more disturbing stuff, if anything she really enjoys it & sees it for what it is, rather than be frightened by it - I know she would love James Herbert books, but every time I pick one up to re-read - odd bits of heavy sexual content make it no good & though I'm sure I remember some being okay, I can't remember which onesconfused

So I will start off with recommendations of books she's read recently & loved & hopefully you could add yours too & we can share smile

*Maximum Ride series - James Patterson*- 8 Books in the series & she was very upset to finish them.

Shift - Em Bailey DD reckons this is one of the best stories ever - sadly no more by this author yet sad

Eve & Adam, Michael Grant & Katherine Apple Gate

I think these books appeal to both girls & boys, DDs taste isn't particularly girly, but she did also enjoy Mean Girls & others by the same author, which helped her though bullying at school

Please add your suggestions smile


Pythonesque Thu 25-Apr-13 16:14:08

This will be a useful thread to me too smile My 10 yr old daughter has slightly different tastes to yours I think but we share the same concerns over finding good stuff for them to read without having time to pre-read everything beforehand...

One thing my daughter has got very interested in is history, and she's found quite a lot of good modern historical fiction (eg world war 2 stuff) in her school library. Since her grandma gave her a kindle for her birthday, we've had fun remembering good "classic" stuff to look for because you can download it free. You may find that some of them will "click" with your daughter at some point. E.Nesbit's stories are great and might appeal, for example.

Another genre to perhaps consider is autobiography. I was directed into that at about that age. With science fiction, has she read any of Heinlein's younger stuff? (watch out though for his more adult boooks! Having read every book of his from my school library, I spotted "Stranger in a Strange Land" in an unfamiliar library on holiday age 13. Once I started reading it, it got hidden from my parents! Definitely better for perhaps 16+, that one!!) Other authors I enjoyed were Andre Norton and Ursula le Guin. Again there are some books by them that are more adult but a lot that is very bright-child-friendly.

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