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Advice please on yr 3 challenge plan

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LittleRedBonferroni Thu 24-Jan-13 10:12:13

Dd's teacher has made a challenge plan for her which so far consists of a pretty loose, optional extension of one of their regular homeworks. There doesn't seem to be any specific actual challenge (rather than more of the same) or objective and I would hardly say it constitutes 'a plan'. I was wondering what other people's experience has been and what such a plan could look like.

Also, has anyone any experience of schools catering for a child gifted in non-verbal reasoning (cat 140+) - apart from maths? There doesn't seem to be any interest or intention in this area although this is definitely where she is actually gifted. The focus is on reading - dd's reading is certainly very good (5 years ahead) and although I wouldn't personally call it gifted I'll take what I can get.

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