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Secondary School Literacy Scholarship & Bursary - Recommendations Please!

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WKMum Sun 20-Jan-13 13:09:00


My Yr 6 G&T DD was fortunate enough to get a scholarship and very generous bursary to a fab prep school which she is loving. All good.

However, she will of course be leaving at the end of Y8, post CE, and since most of her classmates already have their names down for their secondary school of choice, I know I need to get on the case with this now, as registering interest two years prior is usual.

Does anyone have any good recommendations of schools that they know offer very generous bursaries/scholarships for literacy? Naturally, I will also get advice from DD's current prep school, but it's always helpful to hear from people who have been down this route already.

We are in West Kent, but I am happy to move anywhere within about an hour's commute of London.

DD is keen on Brighton and Sevenoaks (I'm not sure about IB for her, though, as she is very strong on the creative side rather than a good all-rounder) but I think this is mainly because they are the ones her friends are considering.

I would consider any school, although I do prefer co-ed and I'm not desp. keen on faith schools. Also, I am in need of a VERY generous bursary - currently we are getting close to full fees.

It would be fantastic to get any tips from you knowledgable M-netters!

Thanks so much!


LIZS Sun 20-Jan-13 13:43:10

Most I know of only do academic ones rather than specifically Literacy. Having said that ds is much stronger on English than Maths and still got one. Year 6 is pretty late to be getting advice form Prep school , our started year4 , where have you visited ?

WKMum Sun 20-Jan-13 14:09:08

Hi Lizs,

DD only joined the school this year, so we are playing catch-up in that regard - it's not the school's fault.

We have been to open days for lots of the 'top' co-ed and girls secondary schools in Kent/East Sussex, and almost all can offer some sort of scholarship/means-tested bursary combo, but as you say they do tend to be for 'all-rounders', so I was just wondering whether anyone knew of a literacy/writing-specific scholarship at a school outside my immediate area.

I have no other children and work in London, so it's not really a problem for me to move anywhere within reasonable commuting distance of my job.

Good to hear that your DS got a scholarship - well done to him!


WKMum Fri 01-Feb-13 08:46:39

Bumping! Hoping there will be someone amongst all the many parents of G&T kids on here who knows of a good literacy-based scholarship? Thanks!

take3 Tue 05-Feb-13 21:42:46

Look at St Swithuns in Winchester - though their very generous bursaries may be just for boarding.

Headington school in Oxford? I know they do up to 100% bursaries - though just over an hour to London and they are means tested.

WKMum Tue 05-Feb-13 23:08:15

Thanks Take 3,

I love St Swithuns and have friends who went there, so it's great to know about their bursaries. I would favour boarding TBH - especially as a single working mum!

I don't know much about Headington but 100% bursaries sound amazing and Oxford v. commutable. Will check out both suggestions - thanks!


nappyqueen Mon 11-Feb-13 21:12:54

Scholarship wise for the academic ability usually only covers 10% of fees then the rest made up with bursary which is means tested so depends on what level of income you have rather than how bright your child is, apart from qualifying for the scholarship of course!! Speak honestly to the secondary schools about likelihood of fees assistance and generally ask lots of questions. Good luck in the same boat this year for dd with dance scholarship!

MummyCaro Tue 12-Feb-13 22:22:29

Redroofs Theatre School. Last chance to apply for Scholarships entry 2013.
12 remaining spaces on Sunday 3rd March . Apply now .Visit our website for details and follow Redroofs Theatre School on facebook

WKMum Wed 13-Feb-13 23:08:04

Thanks NappyQueen! DD is currently on a scholarship + mean-tested bursary combo, so I am hopeful of getting something similar at 13+ and will ask lots of direct questions about what is available in terms of financial support.

Thanks MummyCaro for the tip about Redroofs (Kate Winslet's alma mater, right?!). DD won't be applying for another couple of years but it's good to know that Redroofs offers such generous scholarships and bursaries!

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