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Does anyone have any experience of residential enrichment courses?

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FionaJT Fri 11-Jan-13 16:51:08

My dd is in Yr 3 (just turned 8) and this afternoon her teacher gave me a leaflet about a Maths & Science course over the Easter holidays that she thought she might benefit from.
Dd hasn't been formally identified (to me anyway!) as G&T but is top of her class at most subjects, loves academic work and has always shown a real aptitude for maths. Her Yr 3 teacher has been good at pushing her forward in all areas and talking to me about extension activities where dd has needed them.
The course is at Kilve Court in Somerset. Dd seems quite keen, but her teacher did make it clear that she wouldn't be suggesting it to any others in the class, so she'd be away for 3 nights without anyone she knows which hasn't happened before.
It's just not something that was on my radar, so I wondered if anyone had any wise words while I check it out?

exexpat Sat 12-Jan-13 00:08:12

I've been given leaflets about Kilve Court by the G&T coordinators at my DCs' schools (we're in Bristol, so it's pretty local). So far neither of the DCs have been on any courses there, but they do run some interesting things and I've heard good reports, so I am wondering about sending DD on one or two this year.

My only concern with your DD would be that 8 is quite young to go on a residential course without anyone you know at all. DD has done things like PGL trips with school (so in a big group of friends) since she was 8; she is now 10 and very confident and independent so I'm sure she'd be fine, but I'm not convinced she would have been happy to do it at 8.

It really depends on your DD's personality, and whether she's used to being away from home, family & friends. It would be a shame if she went and didn't get anything out of it because she was shy or homesick. Has she been sent on any one-day enrichment courses? DD got sent on a couple of things (one maths, one art) when she was 6 or 7, and that was a good introduction to working with people she didn't know. I think there were a couple of boys from her school on the maths thing, but no one she knew at the art one.

FionaJT Sun 13-Jan-13 16:20:22

Thanks for the info. We're in North Somerset so Kilve isn't far away, but now I've looked at it more closely the Somerset term dates are different so the course that was suggested is actually in their holidays but in the first week of our term (not sure if dd's teacher had clocked that!). I think I'll keep an eye on the programme at Kilve and ask dd's teacher if she can recommend any day courses for the time being, as I think it is the sort of thing she would benefit from.

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