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How does G&T work? Stupid question <ironic>

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PrincessOfWails Wed 12-Dec-12 11:55:08

If your child is labelled G&T, is that across all areas or is it limited to certain areas? And then, once labelled, do they keep an eye on them and see if they're doing well across the board or something?

ibizagirl Fri 14-Dec-12 13:33:02

Exactly Wallison. I think it is so unfair on more able children. Dd was left to her own devices at primary school and was getting bored. So she was told to help others when she had finished her work. She even taught one girl to read! There were groups for the less able too but nothing for dd. I was always asking for more challenging work for dd and i was told to look on the internet. Very helpful i'm sure. When i asked about it when dd started high school, the form tutor said that g&t didn't exist any more.

morethanpotatoprints Wed 02-Jan-13 23:42:31

I don't think my dd will be giving any of the high IQ dc here a run for their money as she is really not very bright.
However, she has shown an interest and talent for music from a very early age. Actually singing before talking. When we deregistered her from school they told me (merely in passing) that it was a shame they would lose a G&T dc from their register. No issues but had no idea of this fact until now.
One Friday afternoon the dc chose own subject and dd obviously did music and there was nobody else. She told me she was playing games with the music coordinator (y6 teacher) and she told her she was working at level 8. I checked this out against level descriptors and what she had covered and she had been assessed up to level 8 . This sort of level is clsssed exceptional for an 8 year old but useless now she is out of the system. Also hovering around beginner, gr3, 4 and 5 is nothing exceptional compared to the likes of a little girl in a recent comp who aged 5 had a distinction gr 5 piano.
However, when dd sings in public, something happens, audiences love her and she wins the competitions. People keep telling us and her (ahem.....) how good she is, what a talent she has, how her potential is great, how we must be so proud, what are OUR plans for her future, blar blar blar . We have no plans, dd is the one with the plans (world Diva domination) I think. She believes she was born to sing and tells us regularly. Now she could have heard this in a show, documentary or something or could be part of her culture, upbringing etc.

What is the use of a name on a register? What do grades and levels actually measure? Oh, and it must be good for you who have really clever, intelligent kids, too. I'm sure it shares a lot of challenges.

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