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school refuse to recognise childs ability, can't afford private Ed psych report - what to do?

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willitbe Fri 30-Nov-12 13:07:10

I am asking on behalf of a relative, who's second child is clearly gifted but the school don't have facilities to help and teacher is focussing on bad behaviour due to boredom rather than being willing to assess him.

This child is now 8 years old and still school are unwilling to see his abilities. What can be done as the parents cannot afford to get a private educational psychologist report and the school are refusing to acknowledge it to arrange an ed psyc assessment themselves?

BizzyLizzy70 Sat 02-Mar-13 23:54:06

If the child's parents earn less than around £17000 a year ie can claim free school meals, the school will be getting a nice chunk of pupil premium money for the child. If they have been on fsm any time within the last 6 years the school will get the money each year until the child leaves. The parents can ask how this money is being spent eg on extension activities.

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