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If you have a child who is G&T.....

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Marne Tue 06-Nov-12 18:41:25

and at state school school would you consider sending them to privite school on a scholarship? just out of interset grin.

Dd1 is 8, she's doing great in her small state school but we have been told she is g&t and top of the class in all areas (other than sport). I dont think we would move her as she would'nt want to move. Just wondered if anyone else has moved their child or been offered a scholarship? and if so was it for the best?

Marne Mon 26-Nov-12 12:19:04

Thank you for you posts. My family were trying to get me to put in for scholarship to the local prep, we had until the 26th nov to put her forward but we have decided against it, mainly because dd1 doesn't want too and the worry that eventualy she will be in a all girl school (its mixed until 11), at the moment all her best friends are boys so i think she would struggle with it being all girls. I would love for her to go but really it has to be her choice and would depend on getting a scholarship. Maybe we will look into it again next year.

Theres no way we could pay for her to go so it would all be down to 'scholarship' (or a rich family member leaving us a lot of money which isn't likely to happen). The school we were looking at is a very good school and we already know one child there with Aspergers. At the moment its just my dream and not dd's sad.

morethanpotatoprints Thu 29-Nov-12 22:35:16

A completely different scenario but here goes.

We moved out musically G*T dd out of state school because they could not provide the level of education she wanted.
However, neither could a private school.
Academically she is improving tremendously with 1 to 1 support but is certainly not G*T here.
Ironically, school only told us about dds G*T label the day she left, and that was just in passing.
We decided to H.ed and have found this to be right for her.

Gab1969 Sat 01-Dec-12 00:38:56

noisytoys - WOW! 1:1 - how on earth did you achieve that? She must have an astronomical IQ indeed! Or did it take a legal battle of epic proportions? Or was it about the press getting hold of it all? I think many of us could learn something from you. I know quite a few families in the UK with kids whose IQs are in the mid-high 150s, and they can't get anything for their children.

I live in Australia, so it's quite different I'm sure, but my child (IQ in the top end of the top percentile) who is 2e qualifies for squat. Likewise his friend (IQ 7 points above my child's but not 2e) gets nothing!

Wafflenose Sat 01-Dec-12 13:01:42

That does sound like great provision, noisytoys. So much in the UK seems to depend on where you live though. My friend's dd is possibly the brightest child I've ever met, and entered school early, only to be told she'd then have to repeat a year. She is Year 1 now and taught with Year 2 and 3 for some subjects, and this is woefully inadequate, but far better than my kids are getting. Maybe we should move!

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