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Toddler reading at 30 months

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JoInScotland Sun 12-Aug-12 00:29:44

I'm not sure what to do with my DS. He could count to 100 before he was two and started doing simple addition and subtraction - all driven by his own curiousity. Then about 2 months ago, he started to take more interest in letters and the sounds they make, and he's just come on leaps and bounds.. sounding out words, and now he's reading story books to us.

I always wanted him to go to the school down the road, and he has a place there for nursery at 3 years old, but I'm wondering if they'll be able to cope with him - challenge him and keep him interested. I was always in the top group at school, but daydreamed a lot and looking back, was bored. I was used to help others with their work, but not challenged myself IYSWIM?

What do people do? We can't afford private education. Others have suggested we go to the private school in our town and have a look around and a chat. Do people start off in the state sector and then try for a scholarship at some point in primary? Try and switch at secondary?

Life would be easier and more straight forward if our DS was average, but I suspect he is not.

music1 Thu 13-Sep-12 18:32:40

I have found a very interesting program that I used with my daughter and it works

MadameCupcake Tue 09-Oct-12 16:21:05

That private school sounds awful - no class should be kept on the same level - my DS was similar to yours and started YR at a NC level 1A so if they had insisted to keep him on the same level then he could have stayed at home for 2 years! DS1 is at a state school and they have tiny ability groups so they can tailor the work to the DCs. It is only a 1.5 form intake (was 1 form but now 3 mixed classes in KS1 due to popularity).

DS2 goes to a private school and when we looked around they showed us the reading books in the Y1 class - the lowest child was on red band (2nd level usually in YR) and the highest child was reading Harry Potter - that was in a class of 16.

I think you will get a vibe for a school - don't be pushy but you do need to ensure your child is challenged if they are able.

We have been really lucky, DS1 starts at the private school for Juniors so I am hoping he will continue to be challenged.

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