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Am I right to NOT push DD?

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randomname123 Sun 29-Apr-12 23:02:35

DD is in Reception. I have always been fairly laissez-faire when it comes to early years - never pushed DCs to do any more than standard homework and think that - for at least the first few years - outside of school = play.

Anyway, my argumentative brat somewhat challenging DD is now in reception, and her very experienced (20 years) and very lovely teacher has told me that DD is a 'once in a decade' child who will without a doubt turn out to be extraordinary, and that although they have tried to push her gently, they haven't gone as far as they could with her because (1) there is no 'competition' for her amongst her classmates, and (2) they see little point in pushing for the sake of pushing.

School she goes to is a very good academic school with lots of facilities and resources to do 1:1 stuff as and when needed so I'm kind of thinking let her get on with it at her own pace. My own IQ is um, high, but I got by fine for the first 25 years of my life when I didn't know this, so I'm kind of thinking she'll be fine just going at her own pace. But I slightly worry whether this is doing her a disservice? She's showing no sign of being bored at school so I just wanted to know if the wisdom of the G&T crew is to let her be, or to start trying to stretch her in some way?

I am right to do nothing, aren't I? <dusts off the Proust books in case i'm wrong>

FWIW, I do believe the teacher and suspect she was not being too OTT - lots of other people (eg nursery staff, GP) have commented on her abilities, but it has washed over me until now.

jaynebxl Sat 02-Feb-13 16:31:46

Interesting thread. I'm all for not pushing but just giving children a broad wealth of experiences and time to chill.

As for Mensa for children, I suspect that the reason so few children are members would be because their parents knew it wasn't worth it.

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