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Weschler testing

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icantbelieveimnotbitter Sun 13-Nov-11 13:38:35

DD is clever, but we're not sure how clever as she goes to a state school who resolutely refuse to to place her in relation to her class. We have no idea about G&T, but she has loads of characteristics that make me think it's possible. Early walker and talker (almost immediately fluent), highly strung, obsession with fairness and justice, highly sensitive to clothing (labels and seams etc) amongst many others.
She has been having issues with bullying for a while now, and we just want to help her be happy. We wondered if having her tested would help us to understand her better (two Joe averages here) and make her journey through life a bit easier.

I've read a bit about weschler testing on here and NACG website, but have no idea how to go about accessing it privately or how much it would be. She has no SN so wouldn't get it through school.

Can anyone who has had their dc tested this way give me a point in the right direction? Thanks

Worriedandlost Thu 09-May-13 00:48:19

Turniphead1, my dd have a lot of similarities with your ds, but they appear to be less extreme. I am sorry to say but she is suspected to be Asperger. And I personally suspect her to be twice exceptional smile. And Aspergers can be higly intelligent! I would also recommend Tony Attwood books as a starting point.

Turniphead1 Thu 09-May-13 11:15:21

Oh thanks for the responses! Really helpful.

Nevertoolate. Yes - our DSs sound very similar! I think he will be getting a whole raft of testing too. He is definitely of a fixed mind set. I am sorry things are still tough for him.
I have indeed read the Misdiagnosis of Gifted kids book. Along with about a hundred things - it's something very useful I found out about from MN. It suddenly rang so many bells with me when I read people on here talking about their hyper-sensitive gifted children.

I don't know whether he will come out of the assessment with any labels. I guess we are looking at ways to manage his behaviour and be better parents. And of course ways of dealing wuth the hair pulling. He drives me so nuts sometimes that I feel I let him and his sisters down as a parent - very badly.

Do you mind me asking, in terms if ADSD - does that mean your DS is quite hyper and finds it hard to concentrate? I have only the most superficial of understandings of these diagnoses.

Turniphead1 Thu 09-May-13 11:20:36

Sorry I meant ADHD.

Worriedandlost - how old is your DD. do they think she will get a later reassessment? My friend who is a child psychologist and has known DS since birth doesn't think autism or Aspergers is the case - but she hasn't run through the tests. We can only go into it with an open mind.

I hope your DD continues to do well. I will look up dual giftedness!

Worriedandlost Thu 09-May-13 13:51:10

Turniphead1, my Dd is 5 yo. She is not formally diagnosed, but she is watched by doctors and another assessment is coming just before year1. I actually see "labeling" as a good sign now, and looking forward to her to get a label! She has a support at school to help with her behaviour, and probably thanks to that she is spotted as a very bright child and is on individual program now. She did not get diagnosis before as she does not quite fit into diagnostic criterias apart from soial issues but all indirect signs of autism are there (including those which can be the signs of giftedness too smile).

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