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best London primaries for the gifted?

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sanam2010 Fri 07-Oct-11 13:34:09

Does anyone here know of primary schools in London (private or state) with very good programmes for the gifted / strong individualised curriculum? I checked the NAGC website and though they had some partner schools, very few were in Central London and some of them were Jewish schools or in other way schools that would not be open to all.

All schools claim they have a G&T policy or programme and some have afterschool clubs that cater to them, but are there any that are particularly well known to cater to gifted children? I am not necessarily looking for schools that happen to have the schools that do best in academic tests (Colet Court etc) but rather those that really offer gifted children to develop individually, pursue their own interests etc.? Any success stories?

splodge2001 Tue 18-Oct-11 23:32:56

Try St Clement Danes in Westminster. They are supporting higher achievers in maths with specialist classes from an A-Level maths teacher and are pretty keen all round to satisfy the demands of G&T pupils

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