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AndTheWinnerIs Fri 16-Sep-11 22:34:51

I really did not know where to put this so don't flame me please smile
dd is 8, bright,top of the class but I certainly would'nt class her as gifted in any particular topic.
There are a couple of reasons we are considering extra tuition.
The first that she really does'nt appear to be challenged at school and appears to be helping other children alot of the time.
The second reason is that we would love for her to sit for a scholorship at one of the two excellent private schools locally.
It has already been suggested by school that she should sit the entrance exam.
How exactly do you go about finding a private tutor?
I have googled but it just seems to bring results for secondary extra tuition.
Thank you in advance.

valerian Fri 16-Sep-11 22:42:03

It's best to go through an agency, because then the tutor has been CRB checked, and if they let you down in any way, the agency will replace them. Shop around for local agencies. There should be some in your Thomsons directory. Alternatively, you could ask local teachers - a lot of them moonlight as tutors and are glad of the extra money. Or at least that's the case round here.

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