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support for gifted child.

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poppy25 Wed 14-Sep-11 21:03:27

Ds was put on the gifted register at the end of reception for reading. End of year 1 also placed on for maths. Just started year 2 and is on year 6 books, which he's still breezing through. School hadn't really allowed him to move too far ahead last year (as head of litearcy didn't agree with yr1's being ahead of where they 'should be'), although i'm promised this year they will let him do what challenges him (which they also promised last year). feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all, not sure how to handle school, how to support him, or what happens when he comes home and i can't help him with his homework anymore! Two main questions: is it normal to feel completely out of depth, and where do i get more help from? Thanks x

iggly2 Wed 14-Sep-11 21:45:38

Take a deep breath and have confidence in yourself. His work should still be understandable to you (it is primary school, if you have a few niggles look it up and do a bit to practice wink). He is your child, "G and T " just means very bright and an element of intelligence is hereditary so I am sure you are very bright as well.

Ask how his day is and is he happy. Ask what he likes at school..... If this changes and he gives a reason listen and see if there is anything that may help. Does he have other focuses to divert attention from accelerating in one area-can he branch out with eg sports, art or music.

workshy Thu 15-Sep-11 00:52:38

the problem I have with supporting with homework etc is not the content but the way it is taught is hugely different to my experience of learning (especially maths)
my daughters school is fantastic and are always happy to explain teaching methods etc -they don't judge as they fully accept that teaching methods are very different

a problem faced by schools with advanced readers is that while the difficulty may be the right level, the content of the books may not be age appropriate for the child
11 year olds may love horror storeis, or stories about relationships -but do you really want your 6 year old reading the same material?

the best person to ask is actually your local librarian -mine have been fantastic and as my daughter is a free reader the school fully supports her bringing library books in inplace of school reading books

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