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Lonnie Wed 29-Jun-11 16:32:36

my son is just ending year four. I had a general meeting today with the senco to discuss all three of my children in the school (very different needs one dyslexic one behind in reading excelling in math and then ds) his assessment scores are
Math 4b
Reading 4b
Science 4b

He is at the moment displaying his usual signs of being under achieving not interested in telling me about school easy to temper no homework (all done in school) I am concerned about how to deal with him. The schools a small village school whom have 15intake and mixed class years 5 & 6 together. Senco said she understood my concern and his teacher has had him and 3other children in class four (the years five and six) for most of 2011 I am relieved they are aware that they need to push pn the g &t and I get on very well with the senco we have a tutor sorted for him to start in September to aid him in doing new projects but with a dyslexic dd leaving year six now with a satisfactory ( please read I'm ecstatic) 4b I know her is two years ahead how do I keep his interest in learning high? We are lucky the school is open for suggestions and ideas and as there is four of them we could likely move forward with the small group however the way he is going he will have reached level 5 by Christmas senco made this estimation and then we have a further five terms before he leaves school to go to secondary school. We tried the local g&t club but he really didn't gel with their ideas his talented areas are math and science and the club tends to explore other areas more.

What can we do? He is in a summer school put on by a local private school for one week I would consider sending him elsewhere too but I am at a loss as to how to continue to support him. I will also admit he is now doing math that I as a non native language english speaker iOS struggling to aid him with. I want him to continue to feel enthusiastic about learning but I am worried it will stop.

musicposy Fri 01-Jul-11 00:01:41

This is such a difficult one. My elder DD was in this position and so bored in the last 18m of primary school, particularly as there was a lot of SATs revision.

With my DD2, once we got to the start of year 4 and she was already a strong level 4 and having to work with the Year 6 children, I took her out of school. I couldn't bear to see her go through that utter waste of time that DD1 did, and she was bored and miserable already. She's now home educated, thriving and loving every minute - sorry, that's probably not much help!

However, that was a couple of years ago and I believe there are now facilities in place to test able children at level 6 at primary school. Have you spoken to the Y5/6 class teacher and asked if they have the means to take him on to level 6? When DD1 got to secondary school she found that some of the other high flyers in maths had been taken on much further than her by their primary schools; well into level 6 territory. Whereas DD1 had just stopped at level 5 for terms and terms. Had I known other state schools in the area were doing more I'd have pushed harder.

Lonnie Fri 01-Jul-11 18:23:47

thank you for responding Music to be honest no i didnt consider asking. I had known he was ahead obviously but I didnt realise by how much. Senco even said his current teacher was aware he is under achieving. i was rather shocked.

Senco said they are exploring avenues and she had contacted a couple of 2ndary schools to see any suggestions so yes I think they are willing to go further.

there is no way I could home ed my son and i would kill each other.. we cant afford private at the moment and the other 2 schools in the area 1 is just like the one he is in and the other really wouldnt help (close to special meassures)

lovecheese Fri 01-Jul-11 19:33:57

Lonnie - your son's scores are very good but not exceptional, to be brutally honest. Why does his school have to approach a secondary for ideas?

Marne Fri 01-Jul-11 19:43:50

Is 4b 2 years ahead?, dd1 is in year 2 (just about to go into year 3) and is working at level 3b is some subjects and 4 in others, she is in a school with mixed classes (reception to year 2's in one class), we are moving her in september to a bigger school (although its still small) which will only have one year group per class.

Lonnie Fri 01-Jul-11 21:19:36

lovecheese it is a small primary school that recently had new head and new 75% of staff I would suggest thats why? I didnt say they were exceptional I said I was concenred about how to keep him interested in schooling..

Lonnie Fri 01-Jul-11 21:28:11

Marne I missed your post

From the top of my head and I am willing to be corrected here as I do not have the paper near by

3B is year 4
3A/4C year 5
4B/5 year 6

as I said I am willing to be corrected as I do not have the correct scores here..

squeezedatbothends Sat 02-Jul-11 18:42:00

Read Carol Dweck's book on Mindsets and you'll understand what's going on.

Lonnie Sat 02-Jul-11 20:57:50

thank you squeezedatbothends ordered from Amazon smile

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